Sunday, November 21, 2010

....gratitude images (days 20 and 21)

i missed a day of images so am making up for lost time!!!

yesterday i was grateful for silly 
picture taking with my oldest mackenzie

and today for great conversations with my Chandler.
i learn from him every single day how
to be more patient and how all of us are
different...and how he tells me "our brains
are different mom."

if you have time...please check out my
i strongly feel there is SO MUCH POWER
in the sharing of our stories.
i feel it can be so healing for the writer 
and for the reader.

if you feel moved to share your story,
please email me at:
i will be starting a 6 week "im better for it" series 
beginning friday, nov. 26.
i am hopeful it will give courage
to many to deal in order to heal!
 and remember...
if your story can help one person,
it will be worth telling!!



  1. you stand so straight and tall in your truth and your story. you empower us all to tell our own and in the telling to OWN it and g.r.o.w. and H.E.A.L. yeah you! yeah me! thank you for this opportunity.

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing my dear friend!
    Sending you much love :)
    Boho Market Blog

  3. Wonderful Kolleen, we are all different n' each have our unique talents~ You are bold n' brave and beautiful~xXx


i heart love notes....