Wednesday, November 10, 2010 10 gratitude image and say whaaaaaat wednesday question

today i am grateful for the two beauties
that inspired this painting.
i have been so blessed in the last year and half
to connect with some of the most
amazing creatives, some of the most
amazing souls, some of the most
amazing women.

i feel so unworthy at times to
have all of these sacred connections in my life.
but i realize as i get older....just how important
it is to me to truly connect with others...
to connect with their stories,
their truths,
their hearts.

so please answer this...

what connects your heart to others??

i share a heart connection with
these two gor-juss souls who
are standing next to me in my painting.

i love you Lori
i love you Rachel

today i am especially
grateful for the two of you...
for our heart connection.
thank you for connecting to mine!



  1. i love this painting and the three inspirational girls in it!

  2. hi sweets!
    love this painting!!!!!! These gals are lucky to have you as a heartwing sister!

    keep it coming!!!

    love you

  3. I love this question..What connects my heart to others is that honest connection on the heart..When you speak your truth what you have floating on the surface of your heart . Your everyday truth. Then someone gives you that gift back..They speak there truth to you. Its like math suddenly that 2+2=4..You love each other more for it you grow from them ust taking the time to listen. Its that other person who gives you the space you need to be heard..The heart connection is made. I love you Kolleen and my heart is connected to yours..G

  4. awe, i love what gloria said! so so sweet. i think what connects my heart to others is truth and love. some people are not open to it. when you find a heart open to love, you just kind of meld into it. like your sweet, open heart kol. you are a beautiful soul! xoxo

  5. What a great painting! I can feel your happiness all the way over here :)

  6. awwwe! so sweeeeet!
    you are worthy
    of all things
    great and loving!
    i ADORE this painting!!!

    love and gratefullness to you!

  7. gorgeous!!! Love this painting.. so lovely.. and u know what, u can feel the love just by looking at it.. hugs xooxx

  8. I love your painting and it's message! So beautiful! What connects my heart to others? I would have to say authentic stirrings! My family, always stirs my heart, but the connection of hope, being creative, of wanting goodness,warmth of one's souls vision~ xXx

  9. oh my gosh dear kolleen. I just love this painting. it made me smile from ear to ear. Keep stepping forward. Remember I am here for you. Always thinking about you. and cheering you on.

    what connects my heart to others....hmmm that is a good question.
    What connects my heart to others is opening myself up. I have learned over the past few years that when I open myself up to others and show my most vulnerable pieces of myself that others feel comfortable to share themselves with me as well. And when people share their stories with each other...the struggles...the heartaches...the fears...the things that make them happy....and the things that get their heart racing....when people share these things they connect with one another. It is important to listen to others. To really listen to what they have to say. Because it is this sharing that really connects us.

    I adore you kolleen. with all of my heart and soul.

  10. alright.
    tears are blessing
    my eyes.
    surprised by joy/love.
    you know i love this painting.
    & you. & lori.
    today i share gratitude for this very same thing.
    heart in hand, xoxox.

  11. Me too Rachel- I have tears. I am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude right now. I love this painting so much- and all that it means. You are a huge bright light in my life Kolleen. Thank you for making my day. Love you roomie!

  12. LOVE your painting! That is a great question-I am coming to that very same conclusion as I grow older...the importance of these heart connections. You always make me think about such important things Kolleen-I jsut love that you do that! I just LOVE YOU!


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