Monday, September 6, 2010

....monday music inspiration

last night i was fortunate enough
to sit here....
with my love next to me,
red wine in hand,
amongst nature's beauty,
listening to this amazing talent.
if you haven't already,
do yourself a favor and check out his latest EP.

this song was one of my favorites
that he sang last night.
you could have heard a pin drop....
it was a "moment"!

i was also fortunate enough
to see this fabulous man
take the stage following Ray....
it was an absolutely, positively
wonderful night!
(they are touring together....and i would
say are a MUST see if they are coming your way!)

I felt as if i sat in my heaven on earth
for about 4 hours last night....

i hope you are all having a wonderful weekend
happy happy monday
and enjoy this special holiday!


  1. I just love him. I saw him live once and was mesmerized the entire time

  2. Lucky you - what an awesome show - I have goosebumps listening (and thinking of the 2 of you together!!)

  3. that is so cool! i just wrote down his name because i was blow away by his song "truly, madly, deeply".. something my hubby says when i ask him how much he loves me! lol.
    glad you are having so much fun!

  4. Koleen that is great! Sounds like you are having one fabulous weekend!! I will have to check out his music.....Wow! must have been an incredible show!


  5. Oh lucky girl, two of my favorites! They're coming to Portland this Saturday but it's sold out. :( Happy Monday!


  6. You LUCKY, LUCKY Girl!!!! I've loved Ray for a long time, would so love to see him in concert! Thanks for posting that song I will absolutely have to add it to my playlist!

    Just loving all your recent posts that I am catching up on this morning. Thanks for the uplifting inspiration!!!

    XOXO~ Krista

  7. Beautiful music! Exactly the style I love to listen! I love his voice too. Thanks for sharing my dear friend!
    Boho Market Blog

  8. Such a magical soothing voice...
    I can ONLY IMAGINE how amazing
    it must have been live w/ your
    love and your wine and the energy!

    Sweet sweet sweet
    like a lullaby
    Mmmm. . .

    Thanks for sharing!

    Loves n Hugs,

  9. Kolleen, nothin' beats live music! How wonderful to enjoy some great music, a beautiful night, and talented musicians with the one you love! I'm looking forward to checking out these artists, and your playlist as well! What a gift!

  10. they just past through my village on their way to california and i wanted to go oh so bad, but family duties came first.
    i am so happy you were able to sit with your honey and enjoy the wonderfulness of those two musicians. i love them both.

    and i love you.


  11. what a talent- i would love to see him live!!


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