Saturday, September 18, 2010

....can't you see the love?

i always try to tell them...
"love one another.
you have a built in best friend
with your sister."

do you think,
they will believe me???!!!

happy saturday friends!!!



  1. Absolutely - but it may take a few years! Keep on fighin the good fight, my friend, because it will pay off big-time in the end!!


  2. What a great mamma you are! They are too cute! Yes, I think they will someday when they are all grown up! :)

  3. yes one day they will believe you....but I promise you it will most likely take time. It wasn't until the college years that my brothers and I started to get close. As the years go by we get closer and closer. But it does happen. I do not have a sister, so I do not know if it is different. But I assure you it will eventually happen. And it will be beautiful for you to watch as it unfolds.

  4. They are soooo cute. My two girls fight ALL THE TIME until they really need each other then I can see the love!

  5. my sister and i used to be exactly like this. i could tell you some hilarious stories! but now we are best friends and have been since we were teenagers. no one knows me better. i bet it will be that way for your girls too. just watch.

  6. ha. my year-younger sister annoyed me for years. (i'd say that we didn't get along but she says it was all me; she tried to be friends. ;) we became good friends in college and remain so. i can't say that i'm close with all my sisters, but maybe someday ..

  7. Hi Kolleen...How are you..? WHat great words...I hope so too...mine go back and forth...later on Im sure they will find their bond...!!Ive missed you...was away for a few months...!

  8. Awwwwwww! They are SO CUTE! It looks like you captured a scene from a movie! <3 One day they will know how right you are!

    <3 <3 <3

  9. So cute that picture dear kolleen! I'm sure they will :)
    Hope you're having a sweet Monday

  10. I can so relate, Kolleen. I have two girls (ages 8 and 5) & i've seen very similar, loving looks. In fact they are screaming at each other right now as i write this!

    I love what you tell them...i'm going to give that a try. :)

    By the way, i found you from the comment you left on my blog Friday (from Lori's post). It's so good to "meet" you.

    Sending love.


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