Wednesday, September 22, 2010

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

wishing you all a happy (almost over)
nearing the harvest moon wednesday!!

i wasn't sure of today's question
up until about an hour ago as
i sat in my kitchen taking in the sights
and sounds....

honestly, getting a tad frustrated
(with my loud, crazy family)

and then....
i decided to


and here they are

(old jeans i decided to alter)

a painting by THIS AMAZING SOUL
whom i adore and get to meet in less
than two weeks at THIS retreat
(i just love you Kelly and
cannot wait to meet you in person!!!)

and this twinkle light wine
bottle that i plug in each night
and smile
because my dear
friend Lisa made it for me


tell me.....

what 3 things are making you smile
that are right in front of your face
right now???

please share!!


  1. First of all, love the bangs! You look fabulous. :)
    1. I'm liking my freshly painted toes(the color is called chimney sweep).
    2. The empty kitchen sink(my adorable daughter did the dishes).
    3. A cup of raspberry sunshine tea before bed.

    Hope you had a happy Wednesday!

  2. oh my i LOVE the twinkle light wine bottle!!
    hmmm a lovely 3 things right in front of me... a black and white photo on the mantlepiece of my parents (taken of them together at highschool), a gorgeous vintage lamp that belonged to my partner's grandparents and my ukulele (waiting for me to pick it up for a practice!) xo

  3. ummm...lets see....

    well ... your blog - definately! My doglet, Toshie Bear, and the my little pony hanging over my computer screen.

    I so love the twinkle wine bottle!

  4. Great post Kolleen! Such a cute pic of you! And love what you did with the jeans!

    Three things making me smile right now are

    1. this blog post! ;)
    2. my pug sleeping next to me
    3. a picture of my husband and I taken in rhode island at our favorite place

    Thanks for this post to remind me of the simple things that make me smile!


  5. for a second there i thought you cut your beautiful long hair that i covet and i had to suck my breath in, then i realized you hadn.t and i exhaled...not that you would be breathtakingly gorgeous with short locks or anything but your LONG hair rocks the house sister.
    ok, that was totally off the subject.
    in front of me right now huh....
    new paint on the walls that my 17 year old painted, not me.
    a photo of me and my dad at a football game.
    a little original heartwing girl with the words...CONTENT...that remind me to love the little things in my life and they remind me of the amazing soul who painted them.

    (love the jeans by the way...i am embroidering some bum work on a pair of jeans right now...)

  6. 3 things I love in front of me right now? Your groovy new bangs, a twinkle light in a bottle, and fab altered jeans!!

    The other 3 things are my hubby next to me after being away for 2 days, my sleeping doggies talking in their sleep, and the view from my studio window with colors of fall swirling around.

    Happy Wednesday to you, dahling :)

  7. OMG! you just bring happy tears to my eyes you beautiful angel! The three things that make me smile, that I can see right now are....
    my computer page on your blog site, saying that you love me and are excited to meet me! I love you too and I can't wait to meet you even more!
    Another thing that makes me smile is looking down as I sit at my computer, there lays my littlest darling Cooper, napping on my lap and keeping me warm.... And the third thing would be seeing two little happy parakeets together in the bird cage, instead of one lonely one. (the bird cage is now in my art studio-part of the deal I had to make to my husband to get a little friend for poor, lonely Sugar)
    Happy Day to you, thanks for always making us appreciate the little and the big things that are all around us! Love you!

  8. Oh, and I love the lights inside the wine bottle! I want to make one of those! Too cute!

  9. an empty cookie bag.
    a lovely card that just arrived in the mail.
    my orange star on top of my lime green file box.

    thanks for keeping a smile on my face! <3

  10. loving this question because it is forcing me to slow down.

    * I know this is on a grander scale but not so grand since my apartment is so small. But I am loving my apartment. It is a studio apartment complete with a kitchen....and I just adore it. It is my home. It shouts me when you walk in and makes me smile from ear to ear.
    * A photograph on my desk of my dear scarf sisters that I traveled with on the car ride to Manzanita. You girls make me feel so unconditionally loved and seen
    * My bicycles. Currently in my small apartment I have three (one of them is not mine). But I adore them. I just love jumping on them and heading out for an adventure.

    In this life there are so many incredible things. I think that is why I smile all the time.

    Love to you xoxo

  11. 1. Being blessed with the sunshine today
    2. The possibility that lies before me as I sit in my new studio (yay!)
    3. My incredibly tiny adorable home filled with pets and love.....

    Thanks for the reminder to slow down and have a little gratitude... :)

    ...and now off to the rest of my day with a little more cheer!


  12. I made the blog...woohoo! I am so glad that the little white lights bring you joy!

    I am at work, so it is slightly harder to find my three.

    1. Seeing my gift in a picture on the blog:)
    2. my shoes, they are cute and make me feel tall and a little sexy.
    3. todays appointment book in front of me, because while I would rather be home...I love some of our patients and they make me smile.

    Lisa 'little white lights' Gallagher

  13. I want to play!! How fun to read everyone's comments on what makes them smile!! This is easy for me because I always keep some of my favorite things right here on a shelf above my desk next to my scanner - the hard part is choosing just 3 because I'm realizing how many wonderful little momentoes I have up there.
    1) a little angel statue that I bought for my Mom for her last birthday from the hospital gift shop and I got back after she died.
    2) a hand-made prayer-flag carefully crafted and lettered by my dear friend Jane who will be coming to my next retreat
    3) the very very special "Journeys" book made and gifted to me at the Unearth retreat by the lovely and talented Jennifer.

    I could go on.... so glad I had this little time to pause and appreciate what is right in front of my nose and I don't always notice. Thanks for that, sweet Kolleen!

    Friday love to you!!

  14. So happy to find your wonderful blog! Three things directly in front of me right now, making me smile:

    1. Our yellow lab, Lukie, lying on the floor, panting after a long afternoon walk.
    2. My daughter's purple high top converse tossed on the floor after returning from school.
    3. A box of 64 crayons and coloring book waiting to be used, sitting on the side table.


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