Monday, September 13, 2010

monday music inspiration.....

before i get to my choice for today
i had to post a pic of me and my sweet Chandler
who turned 14 on Friday!!!

out of all my kiddlies....he is one that
hates attention drawn to him at any time
but especially (it seems) at his birthday.

so after many, many, many
promises that if we went out
dinner we would
let anyone know it was his birthday....
we sang to him and celebrated
in the privacy of our home!!!
it was wonderFULL!!!
i love you chandler!

so onto today's choice
(which i think was a choice of mine long ago)....
i had to choose it again since i had the
pleasure of seeing him perform
live last night.
(my favorite song by him is this)

and then....

i met him!!!!!

he is so kind and humble
and grateful....
(and Mindy I gave him a big squeeze for you!!!)

a true talent

ryan bingham....
i adore you and that soulful voice of yours!!!

happy monday all!!


  1. KOLLEEN...that's a pretty good hug!!!
    Wow...never heard his music before...LOVE that voice.
    And your Son is adorable...I love how you respect his wishes not to embarass him...such a sweet Mama!

  2. Kolleen! This is a beautiful post! Love the photo of you and your son!


  3. Happy Birthday to your Chandler! So cool that you were able to meet Ryan in person, what a cutie!
    You look pretty cute to, love your hair. :)

  4. Awesome song and performer, Kolleen! Happy belated birthday to your son. He is so handsome! My son will be 15 in April. So hard to believe how fast they grow.

  5. HONESTLY!!!!
    that is so flippin cool.
    how cute is HE!!!!
    i love him too. cant wait to hear that story.
    happy happy birthday to sweet chandler.
    thank you ever SOOOOOO much for my hug in the mail.
    i love you dearly.

  6. I love how you respected his wishes and made it truly HIS day! So much compassion; Love the photos! My son turned 22 on Sunday...yikes!

    How fun meeting Ryan; What a soulful voice he has~
    You look pretty and vibrant in these pics~
    Nice to see you so happy! xXx


i heart love notes....