Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

wednesday is here!!!!
happy day!!! seems everywhere i turn lately
the "F" word
seems to be popping up
in front of me....

whether it is in conversations i am having,
blogs i am reading, pictures i am seeing,
questions my children are asking,
etc... etc... etc...

i don't know if this is just happening to me...
is the universe trying to tell me something??
is it directing me to these people,
these places, the conversations???

i don't feel i am alone in this....
my beautiful friend Pixie speaks of it so well here.
and this beautifully written post does too.

and the closer i get to taking that leap....
the more the "F" word is rearing its
disgustingly, grotesque, monstrous head
right at me....

so i am trying my best to banish this
"F" word
from my vocabulary
and i wanted to ask you lovelies
that visit me...

are you feeling it too?
and if so....what do you do to banish it??

“FEAR is an acronym in the English language for

"False Evidence Appearing Real"”
-Neale Donald Walsch

because that really is all that it is, isn't it???

it is something we create in our minds to be real......


  1. I have been feeling the f word for quite some time now to do with my artwork, I finally had a heart to heart with my hubby about it the other day (or 2 or 3, the conversation took a while) and now I feel a different f word.....I feel FREE... free to do as I please without pressure from outside forces, I am so grateful for my hubby and his constant support with my work.

    For anyone else feeling the f word I suggest talking, it's good for the soul, talk to someone who you know will be honest with you, someone you can trust and get out there and face your f word :)


    Micki x

  2. ah, the dreaded "F" word...
    yes, i feel it too. as far as banishing it, i have not figured that one out yet...but i am working on it. i like this topic. i may have to steal this one from you and post about it on my blog. may i? and may i link back to you?
    i do agree with Micki, talking always helps. and if you need encouragement i am always here to tell you how wonderful and talented you are.
    love you girlie!

  3. The "F" word. I thought you were talking about another word at first and I was a little confused! Lol!

    I have never felt so much fear as of late. There is too much stress in my life to even no how to begin banishing it except reading, reading, reading positive stuff, like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer.... my hubby tells me everything I do is fabulous, so I actually do not talk to him because I have a feeling he is just making it up. I do talk to my fiends and my beautiful kids tho. They are my light in that dark fear.

    I think you are amazing if that helps! ☺☺

  4. YES, and I did love Pixie's post about it too! Fear is that big bad scary thing that is always lurking around in my mind, it is sneaky too...coming out as a critic or a discouraging self-depricating comment. The best way that I usually deal with fear is to ignore it, obviously not if it is "wise fear" signaling danger, but you get the idea. I think that the more dialogue we can all have about it the easier it will be chase our fears away! Thanks for bringing it up her sister! xo

  5. bad, bad word...i fear being myself, my confident self on my blog and lately i've really opened up and put myself out there and that is how i'm dealing with that dreaded f word that seems to creep up on us beautiful talented women for some reason.

    why is it that life beats us down so? oh, but as the quote goes, "life beats down our sole, and art reminds us that we have one"...beautiful!

    love you pretty lady, really, i do!

  6. yes!
    it can cripple you if you let it run rampant in your brain ... and it shortens your lifespan

    I so agree with everyone that talking is so helpful. Thigs always has so much more power when we keep them all bottle up in our imagination!

    yay for you!

  7. i am not a fan of the f word. the beautiful amazing things that fear keeps us from is just too sad.

  8. Hi Lovely! I was getting scared as I was reading your post, thinking to myself "uh oh, I use the 'F' word on a pretty regular basis-Kolleen is not going to like me" hahahahahaha-so glad you're not talking about "that" F word! hahahahahaha
    Ya know what I do when I am feeling fear? I try really hard to look at the BIG picture. I try to pretend that I just might die tomorrow. Then I ask myself "Is this really worth feeling fear for? If I die tomorrow then the answer is ALWAYS a no" Thats what I do, and it actually really works for me.

  9. I am a quote queen. :) From Martha Beck's Steering by Starlight: Don’t wait for your lizard fears to go away; they never will, as long as you have a brain. You will never realize your best destiny through avoidance of fear. Rather, you will realize it through the exercise of courage, which means taking whatever action is most liberating to the soul, even when you’re afraid.

  10. I know. What to do about it? Thanks for bringing it up here. It is nice to talk about it because it can see like "other" people aren't as fearful as me- this kind of talk unites us. But about fear- I don't know! Recently I've been realizing that it is always just a story in my head. That I am believing is true. And it isn't.

  11. Oh, how I hate that nasty 4 letter word! Unfortunately that one little word knows me very well. I'd like to take a big giant dust pan, sweep up all of those negative things and send them to the curb. My son is very black and white with his thinking. If it doesn't involve his one and only passion/obsession, he hates it. I'm trying to teach him to see some "gray" areas. This morning I found myself wondering how we could erase the word hate in our vocabulary. So instead of saying that I "hate" something, I'm starting to say that thing is something I "least like the most". It sounds softer and more open for change than using the word hate. I wonder if we could find a new phrase for the word fear.

  12. Hmmm... I've just been working on a new powerpoint called "creative demons" and of course the dreaded f-word is right up there with the best of those! I'm illustrating it as I go (with photos)and really having fun with it. so far, my suggestions have been to:

    Realize it's perfectly normal to feel this way
    Share with a friend who will get it
    Take a break and do something completely different
    Spend time with family & friends

    But at some point.... it's important to take some kind of action even if it's a baby step.
    That's all so far, but I'm going to go back and read the other comments!!

  13. Hello Beautiful Heartwinged Sister,

    Aaah yes..that awful "F" word is definitely something I'm not always happy to deal with. Primarily because the only way to fully deal with to actually walk through it to the other side.

    Ironically though, this dreadful state of mind has sometimes proven to be the "very" thing that guided me to "higher ground".

    I'm suddenly remembering something I either read or heard somewhere: "Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to fully live it?"

    Heartwinged Sister..let Fear empower you! Let it push you into places you might never have experienced without having felt its invisible nudge. And when you get to your higher ground, rejoice outloud! Rejoice in the fact that "you will have lived your life fully". Hugs of Love & Southern Sunshine, Terri

  14. I am afraid of success..I am afraid that I am enough because if this is true than I am worthy and as crazy as that sounds it scare me so much its you Kolleen...G

  15. This is what you do...Stand in front of your mirror and say to yourself, I'm (insert your name here), I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it people like me. Do you remember that from SNL years ago. It sounds corny but it really helps. Then speak your fears out loud and then let them go and tell yourself that you can do what you dream because you can. :)

    ps: you look really pretty in the pic with those sparkly blue eyes. :)

  16. just look at all these bold brave FEARless women that have commented here. WOW!
    i tell my kids NOT to ever ever ever say the F-word. EVER.
    and i am giving you that rule too now my friend.
    oh i love you.

  17. When I am motivated, I talk to it .. and find out what it's trying to protect me from .. and explain how it's actually hurting me more than it's helping. It usually works.


  18. love your acronym quote about fear!
    dear honey love, another quote i heard
    recently is that if i find myself
    residing in the shadow, it means i'm
    near light.
    love to you & to your deepest & real

  19. i love how theres this cosmic swirl, how we all seem to collectively go through similar things at similar times. . . and learn and grow together. just LOVE that! shew f-f-f-uhh-fear. i love the quote rachel shared! how perfect!

    <3 <3 <3


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