Wednesday, July 14, 2010



so, easy question today...


mine are currently blue
but i am thinking of changing
that up a bit since i have
had them blue for a bit....

think i may do


next time!!!
paint my toes a rainbow of colors!!!
WHY NOT?!?!?!

Hope everyone is having a happy week!


  1. mine are blue too right now! pretty much the same colour as yours!

    i've recently stopped biting my fingernails so i've become really obsessed with painting them and so have started painting my toenails now too! why did i not do this before?!

  2. I love the rainbow idea-I think I will do that too! Right now mine are a pink/coral color, chipped and ready for a re do! If I do the rainbow toes, I'll post a pic for you! xo

  3. Hmmm, amor ya caught me on a bad day lol 1/2 my polish is gone at the moment...but it was hot pink...seems to be my color of choice at the moment....I dunno just something about seeing or even knowing that somewhere on my body there is something so fun as that...when I might be wearing a fancy smanchy suit or pjs....just warms my corazon (heart) Hope your having a beautiful week amor, thinking of you always makes me smile :) Besos & love, Rose

  4. Great Question...Ok my toe nails are bright Yellow and my nails are white..Sometimes bright yellow on my toes just lifts me up...Blue helps me feel creative and red makes me feel sexy....Oh toe nail questions are perfect...Kolleen are you going to the renegade fair in LA...we shold meet there...Hugs G

  5. Oh I'm a little sad right now and my toes have been neglected, they have no nail polish on at all :(
    I am having a girly day with my daughter this saturday so maybe i'll get to do them then though ;)

    Micki x

  6. blue too!!
    oh, i love the rainbow!
    it's funny because a client of mine said to me, "oh rachel, what are you going to do next, rainbow nails?!"...
    i'm w/you! why not!
    love to you in every color! xox

  7. go for the rainbow. cute! my toes are in hiding as they have been sadly neglected. :(

  8. mine are a very light pink right now but i am liking the blue a lot! i am due for a maybe...

    my fingernails are naked at the moment. :)

    love your photos! oh...and i replied to your email. :)

  9. So sweet your question darling :) Mine are hot pink (fushia) right now :) I like bright colors in Summer! :D
    Have a sweet day my dear friend!
    Boho Market by Giovanna

  10. Mine are some kind of a metallic bright pink but they are in desperate need of a change :))

  11. i am so uber boring this week.
    my toe nails are a soft red.
    but last week they were turquoise. i was so much hipper last week...

  12. VERY hot pink. I will be showing them off tomorrow :) I have to admit, I don't know if I am fun enough for blue.

  13. right now my toenails are pink but I am thinking of changing them. I love painting my toenails fun colors. I rarely paint my fingernails it seems to chip off to fast. :) sending you love my dear

  14. Mine are chippy blue now! I had them blue like yours (and I remember seeing Rachel's recently as the same blue!!) Blue toe sisters.

    Say Whaaaaaat?! Do the rainbow!!!


  15. I Kolleen--so glad that I found your great blog--love reading these posts!

  16. Hi! First I'd like to thank you for the wonderful, thoughtful, understanding and sensitive comment you left on my yesterday post. I will be going back to reread that one many times. Thank you! It was perfect, and I loved your whisper. Secondly, my toes are a spectacular light, creamy aqua that brought my spirits up everytime I looked down!! Best ever color for me! I even had a REAL pedicure on Monday for these! good decision. I should take a photo... ~Kathy

  17. I'm late - it's Friday already!! Well, I am calling my toe nail polish "bruise" colored. I dropped a heavy stone on my toe and have a bruise, so I needed a color to cover that properly. And, you know what, I really like it!! :-) How have you been, sweetie? I've been thinking about you!! Love, SIlke

  18. White. Pink. Clear. Colorless. What color is it when there is none? ;)

  19. You are fun; I'm internet for a few days! augh...
    Mine are steel gray, but it more like a grayish plum color~

    Hope your weekend is great~xXx


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