Monday, July 26, 2010

monday music inspiration

happy happy monday!!!
hope you enjoy my choice for today....
love this song!
love this movie!

i am still on vaca with my family....
come home tomorrow for two days....
then gone again!!!

the whole gang at mom and dad's.
as you can see....
we will have a new member
joining us soon!!!
i cannot wait....
going to be an auntie again!!!
ya hoooooo!!
my oldest niece taylor and my baby girl syd

cannot wait to catch up with everyone soon!
miss you all!!


  1. Wow, Kollen, this makes me tear up a little. My parents also had a home on a lake in Michigan and it's where everyone got together - every holiday, birthday, etc. etc. I spent most of my teenage summers boating, swimming and water skiing, until I had to get serious about life and go to college and get a job. Miss those days, oh yes, I do! Enjoy!!!

  2. P.S. Love the song - is that a movie title too?? I'm so behind - we finally started watching Avatar last night - ha ha!

  3. Ahhh happy vacation my lovely. AND great song choice for today, you made me feel like dancing. :-) xxx

  4. Oh, what wonderful shots! It looks like you had a most wonderful time!! Can't wait to have you back, though!!!! Love, Silke

  5. Happy Lovely Family! So glad you are enjoying your time. Soak it all up!
    I'm going to crank it up and dance around now:-)

  6. i love that song too/
    bring on the dreams!
    & bring on leaps (LOVE that pic
    jumping off the dock!)...
    love to you on the go
    & in your mailbox
    when you are home!

  7. Great song; enJOY your time away! I want to soak up the sun....sounds wonderful~

  8. Miss you Kolleen, but glad you are having a great time! xo

  9. It looks like such a wonderful vacation! May you come home well rested and ready for round two :)

  10. I love the photos you posted. It looks like it was a wonderful time! The photos just seem the epitome of family, summer, and fun! I'm glad you had a good time!


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