Saturday, July 17, 2010

....a little saturday something and a song

i just loved this quote and had
to draw one of my little girls
to accompany it....

also thought i would
share a little music for saturday.
i always liked Black Keys older stuff
but am really loving their
latest EP "Brothers".

happy saturday everyone!!
and thank you for playing
along about your toes!!!
(hoping to get a pedicure this weekend...fingers crossed!)


  1. Happy Saturday to you as well, dahling! What a wonderful song and adorable video. Love it so!!

    Right now my little tootsies have a chipped french manicure with hand painted daisies. Tonight they're getting OPI's new dark purple OPI Ink. I think my man needs to have his big toe painted too :)

    Hope you reeieved your little Journey Book!!

  2. Love this quote...and my shiny pale teal-aqua pedi! Hope you can get one today!!

  3. beautiful doodle! happy saturday! xo

  4. couldn.t get my dad.s aged computer to play the darn black keys tuneage..but i do LOVE several of the black keys...just know i LOVe you too.
    your it.
    (we WILL connect here soon, i can just feel it)
    oh and my toes are fav color ever.
    besides orange of course.

  5. very cute art and love the quote, thanks for your comment and well wishes! I need all the encouragement i can get!I know dieting is hard in the summer, but I just have to suck it up and do it... You don't look like you need to lose weight at all, you look great! Hugs Patti

  6. ohhh, that quote issss beautiful!
    & so sweetly accompanied by your
    little girl!
    my hand is out here w/you, dear one!
    (& colorful toes too!). xox

  7. How fun--love that quote!
    P.S. My daughter works at a spa & I get free pedicures :)

  8. Happy weekend to you too honey sweetness. :-) So glad you got your goodies okay. its hot hot hot here, so everything is moving Very slowly. xxx

  9. Lovely quote! I hope you got your pedicure!

  10. super cute post! And pairing of your girl with the quote is very pretty...

  11. I love that song by the Black Keys. I have it on my Playlist, but have never seen the video. Great choice!


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