Wednesday, July 21, 2010

....say whaaaaaaaaat wednesday????

happy hump day one and all!!!!

today i would love to know

(painting i did a few months ago)
i just LOVE the word Journey)

what journeys have you
been on this summer???

where have your feet taken you???

i have been fortunate enough to spend
quite a bit of time at the beach
with family and friends...

and am now sitting
here at my mom and dad's
in illinois with my freshly painted
purple toes!!!

hope everyone is well and
your journey's have been good to you!!


  1. i just LOVE that photo! that belt is so awesome! happy times at the beach sound so nice! i am glad you're enjoying it all! i think i might need to get some purple polish too :)

    xoxo, juliette

  2. Purple polish - cool! My daughter has just bought the most gorgeous purple grey. Love your journey picture! ♥♥

  3. My turquoise toes went to the Village of Lewiston, near Niagara Falls on Monday! It is a VERY artsy place and husband and I had fun and good food!

  4. Kolleen, I just posted a new bracelet I made called "Colene's Journey"!! And now you're on a journey with purple toes (of course, so are mine!). Too funny, sistah :)

    My journey is celebrating my man's birthday this weekend with good friends and groovy music.


  5. I am so glad you are having a good summer..and purple toes are perfectly sweet..I am really not sure of my destination this summer but I am having a good time getting lots sweet scarf sister,..

  6. oooooooooh!!! PURPLE toes!
    how popsicle,
    grape crush,
    harold's crayon
    precious perfect!
    oh, & yes, ...journey..
    the words cracks our heart open
    in a way that is deeper & i conjure up
    something like walking in a beautiful forest
    with a stick & a purpose...
    as for my own, i have been gifted
    with precious friendship encounters,
    great laughter, hard work, sweet time w/our children, & flitting in & out of dreams.
    speaking of dreams,please give your mom a hug for me. :)

  7. the bird footprints on the beach are so cute!

  8. oh wow! you're in the midwest!!! we'll be journeying to chicago next week...then indianapolis for a couple of days to see my husband's parents.
    lovely that you are relaxing near some water with those cute toes up in the air!

  9. How fun; my journey has been inside, trying to find my creative niche, while having a house full of teens...what was I thinking! lol~

    I need to head to the beach and clear my head~
    Love the purple~xXx

  10. I love the word journey also! We've had a pretty quiet summer so far with the kids being in their camps and such. My husband and I are leaving for Lake Placid, NY tomorrow for 5 days (by ourselves) and at the end of August the whole family (parents, siblings, etc) are going on a cruise to Bermuda! I think I'll polish my toes with a nice blue in honor of the islands and the water :)

  11. oooh id love to be sitting there too and painting my toe nails purple - how fabulous! I love journey too afterall "its not the destination that is important, but the journey itself" xxx

  12. Hi sweet friend. Where have i been this summer? Well, mostly home, sitting by the new pool, which is really right where I want to be. But we did take a journey to Elko, NV for a friends wedding. It was really beautiful there. Oh, and we went to the Oregon Country Fair...not your average country fair mind you...this was a fair out in the woods. Full of fairies and magic and music-it was so unique and so incredibly beautiful. I wish I had more pictures to share. PS yesterday I bought some WONDERFUL colors for my toes-now I just need to paint them and I can't wait to show you! xo

  13. Also, I really wish you would have some prints for sale-I would love to have some of your beautiful, inspiration here at home with me!

  14. I haven't been to enough places yet! But off so Spain soon to kick back and both rest and site see :)

    Happy summer to you.


  15. i think my favorite {shhhh...don.t tell my family} would have to be the time i spent with my very bestest heartwing sister in her most beautiful and peaceful home on the beach in carpinteria california.
    that one wins.
    sooooo soul.filling!
    i miss you dear.

  16. i love that you are having such a wonderful summer. It makes my heart smile.

    My summer journeys:
    * traveling deeper into myself.
    * venturing out on my bicycle
    * soaking in the hot weather

  17. Lovely post!! I'm so glad you're enjoying your Summer :) some good friends are visiting me so I'm more than happy!
    Boho Market by Giovanna

  18. Do your mom and dad live there? How nice! We went near you this summer :) I am loving the west coast...

  19. Hey lovely lady,

    This summer I am on a journey to become a better painter:-) I currently have pink toes that turn apricot in the sunshine, but last week they were blue that turned to lavender in the sun! Gota love that sister!!

    I'm exhausted, I have to go back to work tomorrow and I'm not ready. I had a ton of orders to do (which is good), i haven't unpacked yet, and I got a 48 hr virus that has left me exhausted. I know work is going to be a mess tomorrow too.

    Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

    I miss you pretty lady. Hope you are having a wonderful time with your parents:-)

  20. Hello again darling :) I forgot to let you know that I gave a you a lovely award, you can see it here:
    Cherry on Top Award

    Hope you have a sweet Monday my dear


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