Wednesday, May 5, 2010


(my attempt at singing!!)
i hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far....
mine is complaints!!
so here is my question for today...


mine was NURTURE
and to be quite honest i have been really
good at times with honoring this word
and what it represents to me and
at others...not so much!!!

i would love to hear all about yours....
and thank you for visiting me....means so much
to me and i loved hearing about
places you all would love to visit!!

sending love!!

(....cannot figure out why everything is getting underlined!
what the ????)


  1. I love words. Especially a word that embodies something special and carries the full weight of its meaning. My word for 2010 is ABSORB. I am drinking in life, I am engaging in the moment, I am soaking up love, I am immersing myself in gratitude. I am creating the life I have always wanted to live, and sistah, it's fabulous!!!


  2. my word for 2010 came from our retreat last year. "free", i have learned a lot about freedom this year and i am embracing the fact that i am free to do anything i want. it's not always easy, but i am learning to like it A LOT. :)

    love from TX!

  3. (i love that gwynnie commented here. she was at an artful journey with me....)
    this world. this blog universe. this "home" where we can stay in touch with the sisters met along the way....
    i am really grateful for it as of lately.
    that.s NOT my word...
    my word was CUL*TI*VATE.
    i know. i know. you know ALL about this word and it.s meaning to me.
    but i LOVE this word and i feel as though everything i set out to do or accomplish or perfect or honor falls right under the sweet umbrella of this BEAUTIFUL WORD....
    "IT.s A VERB YA KNOW!" (i added that just for your pleasure.)
    thanks for asking and for reminding and for keeping us on our toes.
    i love love love you dearest heartwing sister o mine.
    15 days.
    whooooo hooooo!

  4. Oh boy. I know you know my word is "justbe". Here's how I know I'm not "there" yet. I read everyone else's word and think to myself, "Oh, I should be doing that!" Seriously, I know there really is no "there". It's all a journey, an evolving. I'm so much more aware of that than say, oh, last year at this time! "Justbe" has really given me focus and has moved my journey much further along that path. A lot of it also has to do with the inspiration provided by my precious blogger buddies. Thanks for asking, sweet friend!!

  5. take the most adorable mirror self-portraits. :)

  6. My one little word for 2010 is stillness.

    To be in the stillness, to create stillness, to enjoy stillness.

    And I've been doing pretty good I think! I'm getting there, anyways. It's challenging though!

    Thanks again for your great SAY WHAT wednesdays. I love 'em

  7. Kolleen, first, I LOVE LOVE your comment on my blog. Nice one. :)

    I love the idea of having a word for the year. Wonder if the word police would come after me if I started late?

    The underline thing has happened to me. If you're not into html and would like to get rid of it, shoot me an email. It's not hard and I'd be happy to assist (cause it'll probably happen again - unfortunately. :)

  8. Hmm..I actually have two words. Self-Reliance.

    I had to do a report once on Abraham Maslow and found myself falling in love with his teachings. One of the more profound things he said was: "Be independent of the good opinions of others."

    Eventually I typed this quote on an index card and taped it to my dressing mirror. It reminded me daily to respect what resided inside my stay true to the person God had created me to be.

    It's a constant struggle to maintain that sense of yourself when the world throws so much at us daily. But I sincerely think I've managed to follow a consistant path. Listening to my own wisdom and never allowing another to pull me from my inner-core beliefs.

    Whew wee HeartWinged Sister..your question of today made me dig deep. That's a good thing. :)

    Blessings, Serenity & Friendship, Terri

  9. I was just thinking about this last week. The word I choose for 2010 was connect. I want to connect with others, connect with myself, connect with nature. I want to fully feel a deep connection. As I look around the corners of my life now I can see that slowly I am manifesting that. Creating monthly art nights has started a connection in my family. Reaching out to some friends and sharing myself is bringing me closer to them. I long for connection and want to fully feel it.

    Thank you for having me check in with my word. It is still sitting in the palm of my hands and I am trying to figure out how to achieve it.

  10. Mine was joy, and I am following it, often without actually thinking about it consciously. For sure, it has been rather fun doing my photo a week that represents joy.

  11. You crack me up! I was wondering why you were underlining everything too... :) My word for this year is BEGIN. This is the first year that I've picked a single word, and I can't believe how effective and fun it has been! I usually do goals for myself (and did this year as well) but I often forget what they have to review them again and again. But BEGIN has stayed with me...and encouraged me to begin my creative journey...and keep going. It also helps that I hang it from my neck sometimes with Liz's beautiful manta necklance. :)


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