Wednesday, May 12, 2010


merry wednesday everyone!!!

so....i have noticed many posts that brought
me to my question for today. i hope you all play along!!!


(do you wave someone into traffic, hold a door
open for someone, leave a little thank you
in your bill at the restaurant
for your waiter or waitress...)

please share!!!

i like to leave little notes scattered about or have
been trying to get into a habit
of sending snail mail....i mean, who doesn't
to get something unexpected in their mailbox
or on their front

i had this sweet little card waiting in my mailbox
a week or so
back that made me smile SOOOOOO big.
this precious treasure mailed it to me
and what she wrote inside made me smile even bigger
(if that was possible!!!)
she could use some extra sugar!!!!

wouldn't our world be better
if we all just paid it forward a little more
than not?!?! just sayin......

sending love

(sorry for the underlining again....what the what???)


  1. hi sugar...GREAT QUESTION...funny that i said those same exact words on my post today...PAY IT FORWARD...
    the card missy G sent is so sweet. i am sure her words were even sweeter as that is just the kind of sister she is.
    YOU...on the other hand are RIGHT on the money...the "snail mail" i received from you recently sent my heart soaring.
    i feel stupid, but i don.t know!
    i guess sometimes i try to learn from my mistakes and be an example of what NOT to do....? is that a dumb one?
    i try to be a good listener (when i actually have time to answer the phone...ha) because i LOVE when i know a friend is being present with me and REALLY listening.
    this has me stumped which makes me REALLY worry.
    i need to go think about this one.
    i will be hugging you IN PERSON a week from tomorrow and can hardly stand myself.
    love you immensely sista!

  2. Firstly, I love love love your music selections.

    It is always a pleasant surprise, coming upon your blog and hearing sweat music drift through my computer speakers.

    what a great question for this week! I always make a habit of waving people ahead of me in traffic. One too many frustrating times have I caught myself in a jam in busy traffic - so I always feel for that poor person trying to merge, or make a left turn.

    I also occasionally pay for the person behind me in the Tim Horten's line up. I WOULD do it at Starbucks too... except that could get really darned expensive! There is just something so great about Paying It Forward, and it makes me feel like I am doing something good in the world. It may be small, but it is something.

    And the world would be such a better place if everyone just did something little.

  3. I used to always leave little pictures/drawings in library books when i'd finished with them, I don't know why but they tended to be of fish too!
    Nowadays I like to send random snail mails to friends, even if they only live down the street, it's so nice to receive things like that in the post!!

    Micki x

  4. Hi Kolleen. I will come back and post later but can you write me with your address so I can send you your art you won... I want to pay it forward to you.
    thanks sweetie

  5. i have paid for the car behind me in the drive thru at starbucks. i like to mail random gifts to people if I am out shopping and see something that reminds me of them. snail mail is always very cool. compliment strangers on their scarf or sweater or shoes. let people merge in front of me and give them a wave. and leave nice comments on blogs of peeps that make me smile. oxox

  6. Another great question and I had to think about it. We both wave people ahead in traffic and my husband is a great tipper - especially when he knows the person or their situation. I love random acts of kindness and I was just reading last night about random acts of art! (giving it away) I had a discussion with a friend recently about giving away some framed pieces of art - we are going to do it and also some cards. I want to do more though. Now you've got me thinking and I like that!
    Friday hugs,

  7. Hi Kolleen, thanks for visiting me, I love visiting your blog, there's always something fun! I love the idea of paying it forward, I never really think about it though I do it often, like letting someone get in front of me in the grocery store to pay when they only have a few items and I have a lot. Tipping is important to me too because i have been a waitress my self and know how hard work it is. well have a great day!

  8. I was just thinking about this very exact thing the other afternoon--wow, e.s.p. going on around here. But I was wondering how I could do it, too. My husband is good at it--he will pay the toll for the guy behind us on the expressway sometimes. I just love that. I'd to get someone's coffee, but it can get a little tricky to do it smoothly. Great question for Say-What WEdnesday!
    p.s. thank you so much for checking on me : )

  9. It's due time I pay it forward! I was thinking about the things I like to do, all of which I haven't done recently: Picking up trash that someone would have to clean. Leaving secret messages or drawings at random locations and in books. Sometimes instead of donating to the thrift store I put furniture and things on the curb so people in need get those items for free (i love to find stuff on the side of the road!)

    All the great ideas above have inspired me too!



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