Thursday, May 20, 2010

....expect the unexpected

that is what a very wise, brave soul told me before i
set out on the adventure that was Unearth....
and boy oh boy was she right!!

i had no idea what i was in for...
no idea the connections i would make...
the friendships i would form...
the love i would feel...
the sisterhood that i would become a part of...
the bonds that would continue
to grow stronger and stronger and stronger....

i certainly had no idea that i would meet
THIS gor-juss, beautiful light
that would quickly become one
of my dearest and
most treasured friends.
the friendship we share
was instantaneous and bestowed gently
upon us to nurture and to
i am so grateful that she took the time out of
her life and be away from her beloved
family to spend time
with me. her light shines SOOOOO bright....
i cherish our friendship
and i simply adore her!!!

(more to come on our adventures
together out here in sunny cali!!!
stay tuned......)

sending love


  1. What a sweet statement to your friendship. Can't wait to hear and see more. Great pictures, btw.

  2. Oh, wow, how wonderful!! You two are so gorgeous!!! Those smiles...makes me wish I were out there with you all... Have a most wonderful time! love, Silke

  3. I'm with Silke, gorgeous smiles, true light of happiness with you two. Have a blast, can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  4. oh you two!!! so so happy and excited that you guys get to spend time together. i can't wait to hear ALL about it. have fun. love you both!!!

  5. I bet you are having a whole heap of fun!!
    You both sure are beautiful ladies inside and out!!

    Micki x

  6. i so love that you two had a visit!

    i remember when i met you both i assumed that you had known each other and come to the retreat together...there was just such a beautiful ease to your friendship already in that first day.

    big love to you both!

  7. what a great gift...enjoy your time together! can't wait to hear about it! sending xxoo

  8. I know you will have an amazing time together...I wish you both the best adventure ever....Gloria

  9. So wonderful making true friendships-you are the sweetest thing and so I am sure this new angel in your life is also. Love to you-have lots of fun together <3

  10. You are both immensely bright lights...YAY that you met each other and are "cultivating" something wonderful together...
    xoxoxo p

  11. How lovely!! I love this post! You both look so full of joy! I love that :)
    Have a great weekend dear!!

  12. so glad that you are able to spend this time together!

  13. can't wait to read more about your time together. I wish I could come and hang out with both of you.

  14. That is so exciting! What great pics and testament to your friendship. You two are lucky to have found one another!

  15. You two are
    SO SO
    So SO
    precious and sweet!

    Two beautiful souls
    whose lights amplify
    everyone else around
    them and the world
    shines brighter
    and brighter
    and brighter



i heart love notes....