Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Music Inspiration and a little visitor....

(flat stanley hanging with one of my little heartwingsisters)

happy monday loves!!!!
we have a visitor that is staying with us for a few weeks from Illinois.
His name is Flat Stanley and he wants to experience
California living for a bit....
this weekend he was at the beach with us soaking up the
sun and the sand!!!
I hope he's liking it!!

today's song choice is by Brett Dennen....
love him, love his voice!!!
He has many good songs but this is
one of my favs....hope you all like!!!
sending love


  1. I feel like he must be enjoying it. Especially since he is surrounded by all those gorgeous girls. :)

  2. oh K!!!!
    i think flat stanley must have slipped himself into my mailbox on his way to california and left me a surprise from the BIGGEST set of HEARTWINGS i KNOW!
    i LOVE you my dear.
    you JUST GET ME!
    thank you from the bottom of my heart [wings}


  3. Oh, I heart Flat Stanley!! Just look at his little clean-cut haircut and perfectly colored striped shirt! I bet you've got just the right heart-wing sister to set him up with?! I'm listening while I write and am intrigued by the words and also the cool images.
    So glad you had a fabulous anniversary and beautiful weekend. Love, love, love!!!

  4. I had the privilege of meeting Flat Stanley a few weeks ago! I took a mixed media jewelry class with Diana Frey and Riki Schumacher, and Flat Stanley was visiting Riki :) He's just the handsomest little dandy.

    Love the song so much...

  5. Oh, I love that song - always makes me really teary for some reason. I just love the words! And his voice is beautiful!!

    And then there's handsome Flat Stanley, who seems to be enjoying himself with your heartwing girls. But then, that's no surprise - your girls are so gorgeous...

    Much love, Silke

  6. Ahh..Sweet Kolleen,My heart is always so powerfully moved when I pop over to your Place. Today my spirit needed a lift and one of the first things I thought of was to visit you.

    I'm listening to Brett Dennen as I write..Dear Friend, I'm so thankful for your continued contributions to my music collection. Guess I don't need to tell you where I'm headed when leaving here..uh guessed didn't you? iTunes..need me some Brett as soon as possible.

    What a lovely post you shared regarding your wonderful husband. I could feel your sincerity in my bones..and I know your sentiments by heart sweet girl, because my husband is the "same kind of wonderful." We are so very very blessed!

    Oh and before I close, thank you so much for your sweet comments recently over at my place. Your words seemingly always arrive at just the right moments (Heaven's Way) and I sometimes marvel at the unexpected friendships God is bringing all of us who reach out through blogging.

    Never (ever) thought I'd embrace this technology..but exceptional people like YOU make me so glad I did!

    Blessings, Love & Tuesday Sunshine, Terri

  7. I have gotten so much great music on my ipod from you! Thank you thank you!


  8. I love flat stanley- he was with us two summers ago!

  9. Flat Stanley, our old friend. My husband's cousin sent him to us for a while to show around NYC. Very fun, lot's of great pictures. :). Fabulous nail polish color on your Saturday at the beach too!


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