Friday, May 28, 2010


you have those moments (in my case 4 days)
that you
and search
and search
to find the words to capture your feelings...

but sometimes
you just can't.

like when someone asks you
about your wedding day,
or the day your baby was born,
or the love you feel for your children,
or an art retreat that you went on,
or a weekend spent with a dear, dear friend....

there are not any words
that will do it justice...
that can encapsulate
all that you felt...
so i am following my dear
friend Chrissy's lead and
showing my weekend
spent with her in pictures....

(the most heartfelt gift from a friend
who TRULY pays attention...)
(go ahead...zoom in...yup
that's bird crap!
is it good luck???)

so my friends...

enjoy your family.
enjoy your friends.
enjoy those moments

those treasures...

where you know there aren't
any words.

happy friday!!!!
big loves!!

and thank you for playing
along with "what your fav color" is
SO much fun!!!!



  1. {YAY}
    What fun!
    Love all these photos!!!
    And that poop MUST mean LUCK!
    It's the highest form of bird-flattery ;P

    Are you taking Kelly Rae's e-course? I've been thinking about it, and I'm going to take the leap and join in. I LOVE her so much. Her book changed my LIFE! I know her e-course would do the same.

    Mm-wah :)

  2. Dearest Kolleen, so happy to meet you at Flying classes! This is such an inspirational post and thank you so much for such a sweet sentiment reminder. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  3. That was such a beautiful post-you shared it wonderfully-thank you!
    Love to you Beautiful!

  4. I love the can almost feel the weekend. But you know me, why are there no pictures of the food, I want to know what you ate on your weekend. Hope all the "soul food" keeps you full for a very long time.

    PS it's lisa, but it still won't let me post under my blog name....

  5. I am told it is good luck, but sometimes I wonder if that's just something people say because it's so wet and goopy that they can't think of anything else to console you. ;-)

    I'm glad you and Chrissy had such a wonderful time together!

  6. I totally get that inability to put some things into words, no matter how hard you try sometimes! Your pictures tell the tale in a rich vibrant way, it is so enriching to spend good time with a friend! That beach looks amazing, I want to be right there! xoxoFaith

  7. Yeah for girlfriends who just get you! The best feeling in the world.

    Like the new look here. I see you signed up for the e-course. I bit the bullet and signed up yesterday. We have to believe in ourselves as artists and what a great way to say YES!!!! I am. Love you K!

  8. Love your post...and I agree with Lisa, I need to see food! I LIVE for good food!! drank some Poka Dot vino last night with the hubby, so yummy!
    I think we need to see photos of the two of you beautiful ladies also. I'm so glad you two had so much fun, can't wait to hear all the details...i'm sure you have a story or two to share...maybe after a few glasses of vino I can get you to talk!!
    Love you so much, you don't even know. Thanks for all the encouragement...I keep thinking of one of your first comments on my blog "be brave in who you are" I really try to live by that now:-)

  9. Hello to you Kolleen!

    It was a great post today wasn't it. I'm glad to be flying with you too sister! Looks like you changed your blog up a bit, I like it! I'm so happy for you and Chrissy to have shared a fun girly weekend together. Here's to true friendship. :)

  10. Lovely post honey, so fab to see the photos of a wonderful time spent. Hope you are having an amazing weekend xxx

  11. What wonderful pictures! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. I looked long and longingly at the beach picture...I am hoping to finally afford to take my family there this summer. It's been three years and I miss the feeling I get looking out to sea. Living in Missouri I don't get a chance very often!


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