Wednesday, May 26, 2010

say whaaaaaaaaaaat wednesday?

happy, happy hump day everyone!!!
whoo hoo!!!
the week is almost over!!!

today i wanted to keep it fun with my question...

so i came up with this....



(mine is purple....i feel happy and content when i see the color purple!
it has been my fav since i was a litle girl!!)

can't wait to read your answers...
i truly appreciate you all stopping by
and answering these
sometimes serious, sometimes
silly questions of mine!!!
i LOVED reading everyone's response to
my question about "paying it forward"...

sending love


  1. Oh, how fun!! I love color in general, but just today I was painting and created this wash that went from a cool, dark pink to a cool purple and it just made me sigh with contentment. And considering that I am wearing a shirt in that color right now and ordered sock yarn in those colors yesterday, I'd say that's my favorite color... Funny, I thought it was blue... Hmmmm... Love you! Silke

  2. Hey again Sweet Kolleen. Wrote a post last night and decided to pop in again just to see what was shakin'. My favorite color: Hmm..can't deny it..RED. Not your typical red..but the red that has blue undertones. Yep..there's so much red out there till it took me three tries to get the color right when I blocked my hallway a few years back.

    While I was here, did some browsing through some of your postings during my recent absence. Noticed someone saying they'd see you at the online e-course "Flying Lessons." I signed up for that I suppose I'll be seeing you in class. :)

    Hey..BTW..LOVED your photo above of the geraniums against the tile. Beautiful!

  3. Woops..forgot to answer the second portion of your today's question. How do I feel when I look at red...Happy..Excited..and just plain glad to be alive!

  4. Of course my favorite color is purple just like you!!! I love the richness of purple with its deep, intoxicating hue and I love the depth of it with its many shades of lavender and amethyst. And it looks great with silver and turquoise and hot pink and...

    Purple Rules!!!

  5. my favorite is blue, almost all shades of blue from blue-violet to aqua blue. it's soothing to me and makes me feel calm and happy.

    LOVE your socks, sassy girl!!!

  6. We're on the same page! Purple is one of my favorite colors - but only since adulthood - as is green and, oddly, burnt orange. Oh, and turquoise. How do they make me feel? I think earthy.

  7. I think my favorite color is the color you get when electric blue meets purple. I don't know what to call it, but it is so beautiful. I'm always amazed by that color-so I guess it makes me feel amazement.
    Hugs to you pretty girl!

  8. I Kolleen! I love warm colors- red and oranges so much. It makes me feel awake and happier :) xo

  9. Well, I hate to be unoriginal, but I have to be honest. Here's a quote by Alice Walker that will answer the question: "I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it." (That may appear, illustrated, on my blog one of these days!)

    I looove purple and it's cousin lavender too, of course. My bathroom is sage and beige with accents of purple and lavender and I love it! Vibrant and calming at the same time.

    Hey, I'm likin your new look!!


  10. Colour eh? now thats a tricksy one!! I love all colours to paint with but I think usually I use brown the most with blue being second!
    As for what colours I like in life well thats different again I only really wear black, denim blue(jeans lol) and purple.
    For decorating my home I have blue, green and white walls in my house with lots of pretty colour splashes in soft furnishings and decorations.

    I guess I don't really have a favourite, I just love colour ;)

  11. It changes daily. It's practically impossible for me to decide on a room color because there is really no color i don't love!

  12. SERIOUSLY???
    am i (along with lori) theeee ONLY one to give ORANGE any love?
    love love love it.
    it makes me happy
    and swirly
    and smiley
    and playful
    it is bold
    and fun
    and brave

    i LOVE ORANGE the most.

    great question. i didn.t know i was so "out" of the purple crowd.
    still going through with drawls
    also....i recognize those geraniums too....the photo turned out beeeeautiful!


  13. I really can't pick just one color. I like you have been a big fan of purple since I was little but now I feel like my fav color(s) are always changing. I do feel like aqua blue seems to be a constant and green, love green!

  14. I don't really have one. I am fond of most flavors of color. :)

    For a while when I was young, it was royal blue. And then for a long time, it was black.

  15. Ok..hand down has always been my favorite color.....ORANGE..I love the color orange it makes me happy and alive and reminds me of life and living and I love orange lipstick and orange shoes and orange curtains, I have 3 orange walls in my house and I love there you go....I love the color orange ...I always you Gloria

  16. Orange all the way. Love it and have since I was a teenager. Makes me feel so happy and peaceful.

  17. TURQUOISE with all capitals and in BOLD!!!! It makes me so HAPPY and feel ALIVE. I LOVE it so much I could EAT it! xoxox

  18. Fun question...looks like there are a few Turquoise fans here already, and I am a Turquoise girl all the way, LOVE it and am always wearing a little bit of it. When I look at it I feel calm and peaceful. I also wanted to thank you for the amazing quote that you left on my blog about the red tailed hawk as a Talisman, so appropriate, I got tears reading it! It was a red tailed hawk that we saw and the quote described bits of what I see developing in Jasper's personality! Thank you so so much!!! xoxoFaith

  19. I used to only wear black, white, and blue jean color; then chocolate brown came along and we got married. But now. . . things are getting kinda loose and funky around here . . I've got an orange t-shirt, purple {yay purple!} scarves, turquoise ponytail bands, and these squirrely green camo shorts. And although it may not be advisable, some days I wear it all together! Good question Kolleen . . you make blogging fun. ; )

  20. i love all of these answers!!!!

    SO fun!!

    and i realized that turquoise is gaining BIG time on purple!!

    thanks for playin everyone!!

  21. oh how difficult it is to choose just one!
    right now i'm luvin all things faded/pale: pink, blue, cream, teal, gray. sort of like this 50's ice-cream shop that's stuck in my head (the kind with pink and white and blue and white and candy goodness galore!)such a sugar fiend!


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