Friday, May 7, 2010


today i have been thinking a lot about mom's day....
it is upon us in less than 2 days
and i began to think about those i love who
have lost their mama's.
how i cannot even imagine what that must be like.
how my heart aches for their loss.

see, i have two beautiful step children
who lost their mom at such
a young age where
she had SO much more
to give, to learn, to share...
so much more to teach her children...
so much more to do with them...
so much more to see from them...
so much more love to shower upon them...
so much more....

so much more...

i wish i could take away that pain they must
feel...i wish i could make it all better...
but i know that i cannot.
all i can do is love them and be here.
be a mom.

so today i wanted to share this song with
all of my dear friends who have
lost their moms...because truly
who REALLY knows us by heart??

sending love and a great big hug...


  1. Wow, Kolleen! That made me cry without even listening to the song. And butterflies remind me of my mother anyway. You know, my mother has been gone for 23 years now, and still mother's day is bittersweet for me. There's just nothing that compares to losing a mother. Thank you for this, sweetie!! I love you! Silke

  2. You make me want to cry...You are an Angel dear Kolleen. I mean that!

    PS I came to your blog on a commercial, just to see if you posted your phone number so I could text you how hot tim riggins is :)

    Have a wonderful Mothers Day Angel!

  3. oh my, yes, such unendurable pain for young souls. it is truly a miracle that you came into their lives and they into yours. abundant blessings, mama.

  4. Kolleen, you are so beautiful inside and out. This made me cry. You love so much. Your kids are so blessed even though they've been through such a tragic loss.

  5. Dear Sweet Kolleen,
    Beautiful post from a beautiful soul. I am also a step-mom and love my step-daughter and my granddaughter dearly. We are all so blessed to have many different types of moms in our lives, because love is love and isn't it wonderful??

  6. Yes we that have our mothers are very lucky...Thank You Kolleen for this...very poignant and heartfelt..Love and Peace to you

    Happy Mothers Day..!

  7. Oh, Kolleen, this sweet post brought me a few tears. Since my Mom died in April, that first Mother's Day was especially hard. My heart ached especially for my Dad. But guess what? He found someone else that brought him 9 more years of happiness. It seemed so soon to us, but we could see that this was right for him and were so grateful that he had someone to love in his last years. So you just never know. Grief and loss will always be with us, but we have to do our very best to be open, because life is full of surprises!! Happy, happy Mother's Day to you and your whole sweet family!!!

  8. It is good that they have you in their lives. What a sweet Mama you are.

  9. Oh my dear sweet heartwing mama.
    It.s NO surprise to me that you have such HUGE HEART WINGS to encompass everyone who comes into your life.
    WE are all blessed to have you K.
    I KNOW that the mama in heaven watching over her children SENT you to them AND to scott.
    and the two little ones from your own heart must have been loved so much by a Father above to send them to you and you to them.
    enjoy your family tomorrow k.
    enjoy the beach.
    enjoy being a mama.
    i love you dearly sister.


    p.s. thank you for all your prayers today, the contentment went well....i felt you!

  10. You are so sweet dear Koll! I hope you have a wonderful day with your kids and know that Im thinking of you...xoxox Char


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  13. You are amazing, this is a beautiful post, they are so lucky to have you in their lives. I love the photo too, so sweet. Thank you so much for submitting some Mama Love!

    Sending love,

  14. Beautiful words that brought a tear to my eyes. TFS on Kind Over Matter!

  15. beautiful photo...led me to your beautiful words...I thought I recognized that picture on KOM! :)


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