Monday, November 9, 2009

new painting, amazing art show, and other stuff

i really enjoyed creating this painting as it was completely "Chrissy" her so much! Months before I made the venture out to Oregon to take part in Be Present Retreats, Chrissy reached out to me via email complimenting my art and my blog, mostly my taste in music, etc... REACHING OUT. I cannot tell you what that meant to me and how I knew heading into this retreat, (as scared and nervous as i was)...that sweet, fun loving, Chrissy "had my back". Thank you dear friend...miss you SO much. Thank you for REACHING OUT! XOx0

second...i was fortunate enough to be able to drive down to L.A. to witness the amazing creations at CORE. Thank you to my hubby for taking care of the kiddlies. Below are some pics from that talent oozing fest!


this lovely bauble is one that i fortunately won at this lovely soul's blog. my bauble reads "be brave in who you are" which is the comment i had entered if i won! and yea me! i did!! Thank you Kelly! Go check out all the fun little treasures she creates!

and last but not least...i am feeling in a bit of a funk today and am calling out to all creative spirits...PLEASE COME FIND ME!!


  1. Seriously struggling today. At work and very much not on my path. I am actually having trouble breathing today. Can I join your funk in hopes of someone coming along to unfunk both of us?


  2. Oh, that funk seems to be going around! I've felt so overwhelmed lately, even with my creative stuff! Time to shorten the "to do" list and play a little!

    On that note, I loved your blog post with your painting, the gorgeous necklace you won and the pics from the show! Just what I needed!!

    Hugs, Silke

  3. Oh I was in a bit of a funk last week, i'm over it now!!
    To get you out of the funk I suggest you cut up some bits of paper, glue them to cardboard, paint 3 random colours over the top and then paint one of your delightful girls on the top of everything, if you love it, then keep it, if you hate it you can throw it away or paint over it again ;)
    Have fun x

  4. I think the funk must be post retreat blues. I am feeling it too today. I am missing all of my artsy girl friends. Need a dose of apple cider and some glue and paint on my hands. *sigh*

  5. OH TEARS!!!
    dearest kolleen...i am HONORED! oh sweetheart, i am in LOVE with these two wonderful heartwingsisters! they are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE yet! i have NEVER inspired someone to paint anything before and it's made me feel like a queen! i hope you know that i am equally blessed to have such a dear soul as you, come into my small circle of friends. i DO have your back sister and i KNOW you have mine. what a blessing!
    i was so sad to miss out on CORE with you. looks like it was fabulous.
    thanks for this wonderful post. i love you and miss you, oh so much.
    hoping you DE-funk soon!

  6. oh funky ones......please take this light i send so bright in its warmth and love, wrap it around your heart and know you are loved and held up to the universe for loads of encouragement and sparkle plumes. oh you wonderous souls! you both light my way. every. (and "that's the honest to god's truth".)

  7. Hi Kolleen! Thank you so much for posting a picture of the little bauble necklace I made you!! You are WONDERFUL! I'm glad you love it. "Be brave in what you do" has been my moto lately, thank you so much for sharing that with me.
    I just got out of my funk, kind of (I've been hurt deeply lately by someone I really loved) and it has made me so sad and weepy and anxious and I'm working really really really hard on being happy. Your art makes me happy Kolleen, so keep it up because your art TOUCHES peoples lives and gives them joy and that is sooooooooo wonderful! So SNAP! Out of your funk you go!! If that didn't work, go have a really good cry with a girly friend...never underestimate a good cry!! Big hugs to you!

  8. Here it comes......'

    My arms are wrapping around you now.


    you are a beautiful soul. Keeping on trucking girlfriend!

  9. I hope you can feel my love and hug from afar.

    You are an amazingly creative and beautiful soul. Your paintings inspire me every time I see them, and your creativity oozes out of your posts and paintings. I hope you can feel that too.

    Much love. :)

  10. I am sending you over the biggest hug I have. I hope you are able to wrap your arms around it. Funks can be difficult to get through. But know that you are held, and always will be. Even when you are down and out I will be here to hold you.

    Missing you dearly!!

  11. Thanks fpr sharing! wonderful art pics, can you take me with you next time?? lol

  12. Adorable paintings! I send you lots of hugs, lots of positive energy mixed with inspiration and love!
    Congratulations for that lovely necklace!
    Hope you have a lovely day my dear!

  13. Oh...Kolleen I am sending you all my love and special creative positive white light...You are a true friend and I plan on seeing you soon...We will get together and well and I cant thank you enough for your words on enlightment they have come at a perfect time....

  14. well, i must say you have totally bowled me over with this one. what a sweet tribute to one of the sweetest gals in the world. chrissy......and YOU...hello!!! i have found the best friends stretched over this great country and our meeting in oregon will never be forgotten. i feel God placed us all there for a reason. to connect. to support. to love. am truly blessed to know you and be your friend. love you!!!

  15. Hey Lady...hope you are doing well and moving through your funk! We have all been there at times and hopefully just need a few kind words from those around us. You are truly wonderful and inspiring and I agree that your art and music make me smile on a daily basis. I really do applaud your taste in tunes! Who else knows who Scitti Politi is unless you are an 80s chick?? too cool!!

    Love ya lots from Toronto...always feel the Love. L.O.V.E


  16. Your new painting is sweet! I love their wings. I hope by now you are out of the funk. Sending you love!

  17. Hi sweetheart! I just nominated you for an award! Come to my blog for more details :)

  18. Kolleen,
    I'm Chrissy's apron buddy for the artful journey retreat in Feb.
    I heart, heart, heart your heart wings!!!


i heart love notes....