Tuesday, November 24, 2009


so with my attempt at creating some structure to my blog posts...i have decided to make Wednesdays be...


say what wednesday will typically be a random question asked and hopefully answered honestly...or on occasion it just may be that...say whatever you want...a "free for all" forum, so to speak!! last week i asked this question... (and loved ALL the answers...btw!!!)

"is it okay to wear slippers to the grocery store??"

so on this particular Wednesday i have decided to pose this question...

"if you saw a someone out and about in the public and they had a tear in the rear end of their pants...exposing the undies...would you go up to them and tell them or would you worry you may embarrass them by pointing it out, etc...??? would you want someone to tell you??"

and yes...this REALLY did happen...to my most conservative husband today at the grocery store! in his case he actually knew because when he bent down to grab some corn muffin mix he heard the rip...and wouldn't you know he JUST got to the store!!! bless his heart...he kept on keepin on!! after all we needed all the goodies for our big traditional Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!!

With all that being said...i am forever grateful for my family, my children, friends (old and new), my health, home and the feeling that i am walking the right path at this time in my life...and of course super grateful for all my friends out in blog land! love you all tons!! xxoo


  1. This is a great idea, about Wednesday's questions!! I'd definitely tell the person, in a very nice manner of course, and I'd love people tell me if that happens to me as well :)
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

  2. Mmm good question, I think it depends, if the opportunity arose, ie eye contact was made, we were in a queue together, then maybe I would mention it?

    Happy thanks giving, we don't have that here as its an American celebration, but I have so many friends and family there, so all blessings to you and your family xx

  3. I would definitely go up and tell them and I have. My husband and I were out one night at at comedy club and a woman came out of the bathroom with her dress caught in her panty hose, she was walking along holding her man's arm and everyone just stared. I had to go tell her. Bless her. xox love you

  4. Good question! I wouldn't say anything, afraid that they would tell me they already knew and "to get over" it. You know, they may want it like that considering how people walk around with holes in their pants that cost $180.00 (Thanks, sis, I lOVE my hole-y Joe's Jeans) I can't paint without them on (I know it's all in my head, but i think they have magical creative powers).
    Your poor hubby, he deserves an extra beer tonight! Hugs to you lovely lady, I love your sassy photo!!MUAH!

  5. I am distracted by your cute scarf. I can't decide .. I would worry that they'd be embarrassed (if they didn't already know). That being said, I do tell people if they have food in their teeth .. something that I know they'd want to know. I would want someone to tell me, whether I did anything about it or not, at least I'd know, LOL.

  6. ummmmm excuse me sir/ma'am, i'm just wonderin' if you are aware that you have your monday undies on...and it's FRIDAY? really, it would depend on lots of factors i'm thinkin

  7. I would not tell a stranger that there was a hole in his/her pants ever. I would for sure just pretend that I didn't see it. But a friend would be different. I love that your husband kept shopping! That's too funny.


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