Monday, November 2, 2009

KNOW you are deserving

(Joy...Accept the Good and Know)
lately i have been thinking quite a bit about how many women i know...including myself, who go through periods of feeling unworthy of goodness in our lives. i see it more often than i would like too and was a living, breathing example of it up until a little over 3 years ago. For some reason, i didn't feel that i was deserving of anything good in my life. so, inevitably if something good did come along or happen, i would be the first to sabotage it. (think the word for that would be... called self sabotage!!) YUK! i'm guessing i was too afraid to grasp onto anything good for fear it would disappear. i also had those icky thoughts go through my head like "who are you kidding, you don't deserve this, etc..., etc..." (nasty gremlins!!!)

i know, firsthand, after lots of digging in and working on me, where all that came from. and i know my reasons are probably different from all of yours. but i just want to say.... Damn't...WE ARE WORTHY OF GOOD AND WE NEED TO KNOW THIS AND EMBRACE THIS AND ACCEPT THIS!!!!


  1. I can completely relate to this. Thank you for speaking to my heart. You are fabulous!

  2. Awe, I love this! No more self sabotage! I still struggle with "who am I to call myself an artist." I hate that little voice inside me! I love your closed eye style...she looks like she is just being, soaking up the bliss. Beautiful!

  3. oh my goodness..."bliss" has met her competitor. i want her! kolleen, she is fabulous! love love love her! keep it up girlfriend. missing you so much!

  4. i know those gremlins well. :)

    we so are worth it! thank you for the reminder!

  5. Hey Lady! Thanks as always for your sweet words on my blog! You and your girls are going to LOVE the movie..Michael has/had this inexplicable air and presence about him that made him great, yet humble. Im happy the movie is extended so we can see it again!
    As for prints, I spend way too much getting them professionally done. Just at a print shop for the moment but hope to do them at home soon. I can't afford a really good EPSON printer as yet so am just saving up for that.
    Hope that helps soon xoxoo

  6. Thank you so much for your inspirational words! They always make my day!! It's truth what you just said. Thank you for sharing it!
    Love your painting ❤

  7. i've fell prey to these voices in my head to. they still creep up every now and then. but ya know, they are slowly starting to fade. thank you for posting such wise words. i truly believe when we start taking a leap of faith (like going to be present) those gremlins start to go into hiding. i love you my sweet! and i totally adore your art. many hugs!

  8. do not laugh....I asked Lauren and the first word was MOM and the second was SUPER-DE-DUPER.

    love this bit of writing and can very much relate right now. Thanks for the love on my post and couldn't send your bit of art until I bought a frame for it (cause that's how I roll) I'll be mailing it tomorrow!!! :)



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