Sunday, November 29, 2009

it's not friday??? is to me!!

(my little creations at Be Present Retreats with Kelly Rae) i screwed up ALREADY with trying to have some structure to my blog. as i was brainstorming and writing ideas down...i wanted my fridays to be "shout out friday" and other little morsels of stuff. i want to let 3 blog friends know what i think of them!

so i am going to pretend it is friday and not sunday...k??? today...i want to give shout outs to:

kelly who makes fun, sentimental, creative jewelry and really beautiful paintings. she is also pretty witty and i always love visiting her blog and reading up on what is happening in her corner of the world. Salute sweet kelly!!

jennifer who has such beautiful words and images to go along with them. she is an amazing, brave, endearing soul who i adore and hopefully will get to connect with again soon! and...

lori who is oozing with beautiful artwork and such a positive nature. i always love visiting her blog as she is a big inspiration to me.

so thank you lovely girls!! you bring more than you know into my life day in and day out...go visit them and tell em who sent ya!!!

not much else...decorating the house today with our tree and all the little goodies i have collected over the years. Between my husband and I blending our families and lives a few years ago...we have lots of STUFF!! went to see Blindside and New Moon this holiday week...both good! at least i thought...husband agrees! sending virtual hugs and love out to whoever wants it!!! xxooxxoo peace


  1. Hi Kolleen -- thank you for stopping by my blog tonight and for your kind words! I've been making blog rounds this evening, too. It's just a blog kinda night, I guess. : ) I love the colors on yours -- so pretty!!

  2. Kolleen!! Thank you beautiful woman! Awe, I feel so joyful that you shouted out to me! Big hugs to you and your painting is beautiful!! Hope you show pictures of your blended family holiday treasures soon! Take care, happy Monday, and thanks for making me smile;-)

  3. Hi gorgeous heck with structure! i love your blog just the way it is. i also love all 3 of your blog choices! well done. awesome women! hope your turkey was great. you have 56 followers girl! DANG!!!
    much love to you on this monday.
    i'm downloading christmas songs...any that i can't live without? i know you'll come through for me!

  4. oh momma this made my day. Thank you so much for your kind words. I miss you so much. I hope we can connect soon also.

  5. This just made me tear up! Thank you for including me in your shout out! I have been missing you because I have been out of the blog loop for a few weeks. I am so happy to be back here catching up. I love the way your blog is growing. Thank you Kolleen!


i heart love notes....