Tuesday, November 17, 2009

live loud & a question

Live Loud Baby Girl!!!
that's my motto for the day, for my girls...for ALL girls...for everyone for that matter!!!
Live it... and live it loud...it's your life...no one else's! i created this painting about 2-3 weeks ago and had so much fun with her. i just let her come about without a ton of thought or preparation. My friends that have been over and looked at her immediately thought she was me...but in actuality she was inspired by this sweet, sweet baby girl i met at the Unearth Retreat in Manzanita. Serena is one of those souls that has that quiet confidence and tender, tender heart. We really got to know one another during an activity we did depicting our core values. I was so blessed to do that exercise with Serena...thank you baby girl, who runs and does cart wheels and round offs in the sand, who is a beautiful mama to two adorable babies, who has so much talent and creativity to share with the world...who i adore!
and...one more totally random thing. i posted this poll on my face book account and it was fun to hear some of the responses so i thought i would pose it out into the blog world....here goes:


Clearly there is no right or wrong answer...just honesty! xxooxxo


  1. Lovely painting! as for the slippers to the grocery store: 'not a chance in hell'

    Micki x

  2. Love the painting..so strong and full of life...about the slippers. No I would never wear slippers to the store the reason is that I would hate to wear them back home full of grocerie store yuckiness..LOL G

  3. Gorgeous painting - I love the colors! And it's so happy!! And slippers to the grocery store - not for me! I do wear my crocs and they are my "outdoor" slippers...so comfy! Hugs, Silke

  4. Love her! I'm all about living loud now that I'm in my 40's...I'm afraid of being boring, so one of my journeys lately is to "put myself out there" my real self, my silly, sexy, confident (that is all pretend right now...(fake it till you make it) self! This painting really speaks to me!!
    I hope you like Ida Maria's song "I like you so much better when you're naked"!! That's living loud, right?? ha-ha. Big hugs to you, keep up the painting--MUAH!

  5. Oh! I forgot the slipper question...no chance in hell! You should wear high heels to the grocery store--always! Red ones...or cheetah print...but they must be high heels! It's all about Living Loud...right?

  6. hey you....you sweet girl. I'm blushing and honored. I needed this reminder and it means so much to me coming from you. you truly are a soul sister. I so, so, so wish that we didn't live two states apart. I can imagine the two of us blaring music, drinking a brew and painting, painting, painting. I guess I'll have to wait until the "space bomb". love you girl.

  7. even though i hate wearing socks and shoes, i wouldn't go that far - definitely flipflops, tho, even if it's cold (well, socal kind of cold!) LOVE your loud girl, especially knowing she was inspired by the sweet serena!

  8. IT IS SERENA!!! BEAUTIFUL, SOULFUL SERENA! you captured her so well. you have a great talent for being able to do that my dear...do you know that? i love her. she is wonderful, just like you AND serena.
    as for slippers. well, your fellow followers are going to think i'm white trash, but i looked down the other day in the grocery store only to realize that YES, i DID have on my slippers. my ugg slippers that i love oh so much that i would honestly wear them anywhere. think of me what you will, but i go for comfort!

  9. hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I love meeting others who are on a creative journey. Especially when we connect because of Andrea Scher! You are a lucky gal to have gone on that retreat!
    I LOVED Mondo Beyondo and am still processing it and working it.
    I HIGHLY recommend it and you already know she is amazing so you will not be disappointed.
    Hope to keep checking in to your blog. Your work is whimsical and full of life. It's wonderful!
    Catherine Just

  10. Hi Kolleen! I love what you say about live loud :) Thank you for your lovely and encouraging posts!!
    About your question, well I personally wouldn't wear slippers outside my house, but I also think that it depends if the person feels comfortable wearing them, I've seen people wearing them sometimes at the supermarket. I sometimes wear flip flops if I want to feel comfortable for the supermarket :)
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog!!
    Hope you're having a lovely day!
    ❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

  11. Kolleen here are some of the tunes I recommend, some are very new and some pretty ancient but I think you may like them and they are some of what's in my listening box at the mo:

    Norah Jones - Chasing Pirates
    MoZella - More of you
    Jem - Save Me
    Ivy - Edge of the Ocean
    Missy Higgins - Scar
    Augustana - Boston
    Damien Jurado - Abilene
    Ephemera - Air
    Frou Frou - Let Go
    A Fine Frenzy - Come on come out
    KT Tunstall - Other Side of the World
    Erin Mccarley - Love save the empty
    Carolina Liar - Show me what Im looking for
    Ryan Adams - La Cienega Just Smiled
    The Get Up Kids - Like a Man Possessed
    Mozella - Light years away
    Michelle Featherstone - Coffee and Cigarattes
    Matthew Perryman Jones - Save You
    The Midway State - Change For you

    Hope you like them...let me know what u think!xoxox Charmaine

  12. I am so curious to know what you use in your artwork! As for the slippers- if someone wants to wear slippers, yay to them. I would probably not tho.
    I'm going to friend request you on facebk :)

  13. Slippers to the grocery store! Absolutely - if someone wants to.

    I have this cozy pair of slippers that I always forget I have on. Many a morning, I've glanced down as I swung my left foot up into the car - only to notice that I was still wearing slippers. (Humorously, I doubt anyone in grey-cubicle-land would even notice if I kept them on. ;)

    I love this motto!


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