Monday, November 23, 2009

weekend wrap & monday music inspiration

my little "love" creation on Friday night! She is all about the love!!
yummy goodness for our family adventure on Saturday.
this sweet little town we drove through on our way to the Sequoia National Park - i loved this!!!
arriving at the Trail of 100 Giants - my babies!
one of the 100 Giants on our Trail - A.MA.Z.I.N.G.
my three monkeys talking about God knows what!!
the roots to one of the fallen giants
the family feet of the Harrison 6-Pack before leaving the trail and heading home
"i don't wanna go home...i don't wanna go home"
this beautiful surprise as we were driving home...simply on the side of the road - so awesome
and yet one more surprise on our journey may have to look VERY close to see her. She is camouflaged pretty well.

This pretty much sums up my wonderful family weekend. I also had time to give alot of thought to giving some type of structure to my blog which i feel tends to go all over the place. So i have decided to attempt to create some rhyme and reason. One of the things I came up with was to have Monday music share with you a song that either inspired me through out the weekend or was just something i was listening to quite a bit or maybe a song that says what my weekend represented better than i could. Hopefully you will enjoy the structure i am attempting to make!

so with that being Monday music inspiration is this...take a listen!! i have always liked him and who would have thought she can sing the way she does. i have always liked her beautiful! i think their voices have a great blend. hope you all enjoy and have a
FAB-U-LOUS Monday!! xoxoxoxox


  1. Hi Kolleen!
    I LOVE your painting and thought the video was adorable, thanks for sharing~ Your weekend looks like it was a hit, I use to go to church camp every year up there!!
    My mermaid portrait is almost done, I put her head as my profile picture now:-) I can't wait to finish her off and post!! I'm going to be brave and beeswax her...wish me luck! Have a happy Monday dear!


  2. what wonderful photos! and I adore that song you recommended!

  3. wow Kolleen, what a wonderful post!! That trail looks AWESOME! Is that in Northern California? And I love the song for today! I need some new music, John Denver is getting kind of old :) Love you! You rock!

  4. LOVE Sequoia - makes you feel a little small, but so in awe of the AMAZING giant trees that have been there silently for hundreds of fun - love the shots of your kiddos and also your happy little LoveGirl!! Have a super-de-duper Thanksgiving!!

  5. Oh, those grapes look so good! Love the photos of your family.

    I never made it to Sequoia while I was in CA. Sad. I'd still like to visit someday.

  6. Hurray for love! Looks like a great family adventure. Love those times together.
    big hugs to you!

  7. What great photos! We are flying to Northern California next summer on vacation(I think that is where you were!) I love the one of your kids and how cute are you in the knitted hat and gloves?


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