Wednesday, March 2, 2011

say whaaaaaaat wednesday??

another wednesday is upon us.

i don't know about you guys....
but i have moments (sometimes more than i want)
where i feel "stuck".
i feel paralyzed and not sure how to 
put one foot in front of the other, so to speak.
i know those feelings come from 
a place of fear....
fear of making a wrong choice,
fear of change, fear of being vulnerable, 
fear of what others may think, 
fear of failure, etc...

so, here is today's question:

what are you too scared to change
in your life, but know if you do it
will help you move forward and get "unstuck"
or what change should you make to help in this??

i look forward to your answers!
thank you for visiting and sharing.


  1. i have had a terrible time for a few years of knowing that i am growing in a totally different direction from many that i love, many friends here. it has been painful. and i am really not growing in another direction. i have always been here, but i am just moving on. it is scary. painful and not so much fun. but the best part is, i am being true to me and what i want for my life in the future.

    life gets so murky when all we do is what others expect.

  2. Funny your question should be about fear today. It's been a particularly tough struggle for me for a while now. I'm afraid if I stretch my wings I will fall. I'm afraid that if I put myself and my work out there that it won't measure up. It's pretty paralyzing and often keeps me from creating at all.

  3. hmmm... yes, I am feeling so much like you Kolleen. so many reasons.

  4. Kolleen,
    Yesterday I was feeling like this. Afraid to fail is when I freeze. I think I'm trying to fit a mold or find my way and fear I want it too much and it won't happen. I think we have to open the window,(our heart) and create something just for us. I think once joy arrives, it frees us to move onward. So much of my creating lately has been for others, for challenges, not for me. I think we need to express ourselves, with out the pressure. Let the momentum build....
    Change, Just do Art, don't judge it, be child like and enjoy. It will get better, the more we allow our spirits to grow~ xXx

  5. Wow !! You opened up a can of worms ! lol !! My husband passed away July 14th,2010. He had cancer and somehow I made it through the year he suffered so much. I knew the time would come he would no longer be with me. The day he passed away in mine and my childrens arms was peaceful. Made it through making arrangements for his service. Made it through the service. After a long day everyone left...Fear set in ! I have lived with fear for over 7 months. I'm stuck ! Do I stay on the farm alone? Where would I go? How will I go on ? The list goes on and on! But... I have been an artist of sorts since I was a child. My husband was so proud of what I created. When he passed away I did not create a single thing...until about a month ago. I am on a journey to follow a dream. One that I gave up on long ago. At 53 years of age I am on a journey of discovery and spreading my wings. Peace is coming. Joy is coming. Life does go on. I still don't have the answers to many questions... but I know I will go on. One amazing step at a time !!! So happy you are a part of that journey !! Hugs to you !!!

  6. Oh boy!
    I have so many fears ... but I think my biggest fear ... the one that really makes me feel helpless and stuck is the fear of being successful. I know that must sound absolutely crazy and pathetic when everyone else seems worried about failure, but let me explain:

    I'm so afraid to be successful it hurts ... it makes my heart ache in the wee hours of the night, and sends me off into enormous bouts of anxiety. I'm so afraid that if I get successful I'll be expected to stay there. That "something new & exciting" will continually be expected of me regardless of whether I feel at a place to oblige. Our industry is so pre-occupied with the next best thing that it puts enormous pressure on those of us who write, publish, and design for it. I worry that I'll be expected to travel when I hate it so much ... that my ideas will dry up ... that each new idea won't be shiny enough ... that I'll be expected to continue evolving and changing ... on and on and on those fears go.

    To date it's kept me from proposing my new book idea ... cause I don't even know if you'll all like this one. So very silly all of it!

    I DO KNOW that knowing you all have giant fears that keep you stuck too makes me feel a little more peaceful ... knowing that I am not alone in my silly fears.

    GREAT question Kolleen - love you!

  7. Great fear, will the one that leads to everything ,is losing control, im learning to realize i cant control everything and when i cant i freeze so i took the step and found a therapist hope this will help me:O) have an awesome day Kolleen:O)

  8. i could just copy and paste kelly barton's comment. really. i'm at a point in my life that i'm creating the person and life i've always wanted and realizing that it makes me move away from some people, but much closer to others. not really a bad thing, this creating or re-creating ourselves. just a bit scary, the feeling that you can never go back...

  9. Funny enough, my husband and i have been discussing our fears recently. We are both longong to get away from the rat race and have applied for a housekeeping couple's job on an estate on a remote scottish island which would allow him to indulge his love of the great outdoors and me to have more time to indulge my inner artist. We are both equally scared of the huge amount of upheaval if we do get it and scared of being stuck forever in the 9-5 drudgery if we dont get it. Life is too short but unfortunately very often the reality is that how much money you have will determine whether or not you can even try to follow your dreams.

  10. Hey kol. I can totally relate to your feelings of stuckness and fear. Oh can I relate. I am fearful and stuck with all the paintings I am doing. Today instead of working on the paintings (for the grateful project) I cleaned my house- I mean scrubbed it top to bottom and threw away garbage bags of crap! I want to believe that I needed to clear the space and my mind of clutter but in my heart I know I was avoiding and in fear. Lets have that phone date. I miss you a lot. Sending love to you sweets!!!


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