Wednesday, March 9, 2011

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

HAPPY WEDNESDAY my friends!!!

i have been so fortunate to take some REALLY
REALLY wonderFULL e-courses over the past year. 
 i was given an abundance of information on how to make your creative business soar in 
(which is now offered in an e-book!!)
i did some digging into my soul with 
learning how to create with lots of textures and paper and making sweet little girls with Christy at SHE ART WORKSHOP
finding out about color and shading and composition 

They are all so FABULOUS and bubbling over with so much 
good stuff to chew on!!!

there are others i would love to delve into like:  
the beautifully talented JULIETTE CRANE 
is offering her e-course "HOW TO PAINT AN OWL" 
which looks like it would be so much fun!!
sounds magical!  
  (aaaaaah if only my time and pocketbook had no end!!!)

so tell me....

what has been one of your fav e-courses and why...
or what is one you are dying to take???

Can't wait to hear!!!  



  1. I've got so many going on right now that it's nearly impossible to stay caught up {even being home all day to play ... I mean work!}. My two favorite right now are:

    Free Motion Revolution by Jenny Doh & Cynthia Shaffer


    Sketchbook Delight by Alisa Burke

    the other two ... three ... I can't even remember anymore ... are equally awesome, but you've mentioned two of them above so I thought I'd plug these two :)

    Love you Mama!

  2. Ha - this is something I have been thinking about. I can't explain it, but there are so many e-courses going on right now.... maybe because EVERYBODY IS DOING IT.... the rebel in me wants to turn around and run the other way. What is it with me?? Maybe it's just too overwhelming... at some point I'm pretty sure I will sign up for one (and I will check back here to see what everyone says!) but right now... I am sitting tight, using ideas from the books and magazines I already have and not signing up for any e-courses. I think I'm in that part of the creative cycle where I want to do more output and have less input. Hope that makes sense, at least a little!


  3. I love your SAY WHAAAAAT Wednesdays...
    I recently took an e-course 'The Art of Silly"
    by Carla was brilliant and really helped free your inner creativity which we all need to do as we get stuck in our own rutts!
    I would love to take Kelly Rae's course...maybe one day!
    HUGS to you my dear.

  4. I am taking several courses right now as well. I'm with you at She Artand loving it !! Im signed up for Aprils Soul Restoration and can't wait to dig in!! I love, love, love the courses I am taking at When you go there they have a FREE ecourse called Art,heart and healing ! Love it !! I love Tam and how she teaches. I'm also taking Fabulous Faces and Whimsical Water Colour. I love this group ! She has a few others I want to take but need to get through these and Soul Restoration 1 first !! I to would love to take Kelly Rae's course.

    Hugs.... Kristy

  5. Hey beautiful girl...I loved Kelly Rae's class so much. I really felt empowered, know what i mean? I am just starting to work on Christy's class. She just flat-out rocks..I love that girl.

    and I love YOU!

  6. i am taking the indie biz 3.0. of course i signed up last friday
    and i am behind already. but i am so excited to be part of
    the group and the great teachers.

  7. Where do I begin! lol I have Kelly Rae's course in the ebook! So great! And I wanted to take Misty Mawn's Stretching to sketch but didn't sign up in time before it closed . . . was bummed about that one but looking forward to picking up her book when it comes out! I have taken Tam's free course over at willowing "Art heart and healing" Loved it! She is fab! I am now taking one with Jodi Ohl, Fun with Faux Encaustics which I am liking alot! I have been eyeing up the She Art! Looks so fun! And was also interested in Get your paint on! Glad to hear you are loving them!

    Too many classes! I think I am addicted! I want to take them all! lol

  8. Boy, you've been all sounds very inspiring.

  9. Brave Girls Soul Restoration was an amazing experience for me on so many levels, I love Melody and Kathy and it will be a dream come true for e to go to Brave Girls Camp next year...can't wait for part II in June...
    Am now doing Christy's "She Art Workshop" and absolutely loving every minute of it...her excitement and enthusiasm makes my heart smile!
    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing you!

  10. such an inspiring post with so much info i love! thank you so much for your sweet words about my HOW TO PAINT AN OWL workshop :)

    have a lovely weekend!


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