Friday, February 25, 2011

i'm better for it friday....a story

i am certain we all have more than one 
“i’m better for it” story....
as a matter of fact, i imagine we have many.  
i am also certain that not all of those stories 
are something bad that happened in 
order for us to learn a lesson, 
rise from the ashes and eventually come to a place 
of gratitude for this "bad thing" that happened 
to make us better.
today, as i sit here in this little coffee shop typing....
i am better for one of the most blessED gifts 
i have ever received in my life.

today, my daughter Sophia is 11.  
she is a beauty, inside and out.  
she is compassion.  
she is kindness. 

she is “i love you mom” many, many times a day.  
she is a treasure.  
she is love. 
she is silliness.
she is laughter.
she is smiles.
she is thoughtfulness.
she is shine.

she is a wish come true,
every single day.
she is a gift.

she is happiness and magic and kisses and hugs.
she is my heart.
i know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, 
that i am BETTER for being her mom.  
she teaches me daily and there are so many things 
about her that i strive to be more like.  
she is my blessing and i knew the day she was born 
she was a wise old soul who i was given to mother.  
i am better for this and 
beyond grateful for this.
happy weekend my friends. 
thank you for visiting me.

and to my daughter
happiness magic and love to you today
and always.
i love you as wide as the sky
 - mom


  1. Oh Kolleen, what a wonderful post. You are such an amazing Mother. All the beauty and magic that you recognize in Sophia is also what you give to her and to others. Thank you for sharing this very personal post, you help me to recognize the beauty in my life too. I love you!

  2. I am crying..Love this post..Congratulations on being Sofias mom ..

  3. I too am in tears ! Such a beautiful post with so much heart in. Such a beautiful bond. Such a blessed Mom you are. It also made me think that I need to let my son know what he means to me. He may not be 11 like your beautiful Sophia,but he is my Amazingly handsome,talented,loving, giving compassionate 30 year old teacher I know.I am better because he was given to me for a little while.I am better for reading your post today !! Happy Birthday Sophia !!

  4. happy birthday sophia!
    she is soooo gorgeous! what a FACE!
    she is sooo loveable & you, kolleen, are so full of love spilling over!

  5. I love you as wide as the sky... that is the perfect!

    She is as beautiful as her amazing mama!

  6. happy birthday sophia.
    i love seeing how bonded you are.
    what a blessing.

    i feel like all i ever do is try to
    find ways to be closer with my clancy.
    this just makes me smile.

  7. you are one rockin mama, miss K. Sophia is so lucky that she has you to guide her, protect her, cheer her on, be silly with, to dance with, to love with.

    Hope you had a great celebration!

    lovin you


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