Wednesday, March 23, 2011

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

so...i have a little story to tell 
which prompted my question for this week.

my youngest daughter sydnie is full of 
spunk and independence and this curiosity 
and love for life that i admire beyond words.

i had the pleasure of taking her out on a date tonight 
for what she so sweetly calls "tongue" food a/k/a thai food!!  
I had great conversation with her about 
our hearts and keeping our insides clean of darkness.

we talked about how there are times when the 
lights inside of us start to flicker, 
like a light bulb on its last leg....
but how we can pray and ask to have that light "fixed", 
to shine a bit brighter.  
we even talked about how sometimes 
the light does go out...but it doesn't mean that it is forever....
that any type of light, small as it may be,
can overcome the darkness.

we talked about how it is truly our insides
that maintaining and taking
care of what is happening in our hearts is what matters 
the most.

we talked about how what is happening
on the inside will shine through to our outside...
and we should always work on our heart condition.
(i know mine REALLY needs a good 
dusting and mopping now and again!)

so...i was thinking and wanted to know,


i always remember my grandma telling me...
"Kolleen, if you don't have anything nice to say,
don't say anything at all."
and you Grandma was so wise and
SO right.

i look forward to learning about your lessons.



  1. That is a such a beautifully and sweetly stated lesson. I feel a little brighter after hearing it. Thank you.

  2. OH...that's wonderful Kolleen...I was always taught to be uber polite and ask people if they needed help...that was from my Mum...
    I hope I will have conversations with my girls soon like you and your's important.
    BEAUTIFUL post! really!!!And such a sweet daughter you have...goffiness and all!


  3. What a sweet post dear K. Your daughters are so blessed to have YOU as their mom! Watching you "mother" your daughters is a delight! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wisdom. I love you so much. ox

  4. Beautiful post; I love you shared this with your adorable daughter!
    I was taught to treat others as I wished to be treated. Sometimes people who act mean need a bit more kindness, because they are hurting~

    I love this post!xXx
    come visit, I have an amazing Give Away~

  5. what a sweet dinner you had!
    my grandma would tell us 'only boring people are don't want to be boring, do you?" well, no i don't! so i stopped whining and learned to keep myself amazed at the world around me, even the little things!
    xo to you my friend!

  6. Oh my! I love that you can have these heart-to-hearts with your Sydnie. So special and what a gift you're giving her. I gotta think about what I learned that stuck with me from sooooo long ago... ;o)

  7. What a wonderful post! I missed out on having a daughter to share the wonderful bits of your heart with. But my son and I are so close... would not change that for the world !! Wow... life lessons.. One that is really on my heart lately is the wisdom of both my grandma's. Both told me I could do anything I put my mind to. I just had to practice ,practice, practice. At nearly 54...I am on a journey with my art. All that practice is paying off !!! Bless you dear one and your sweet babies !!! xxxxx

  8. Your children are so fortunate to have your guidance - these loving lessons will undoubtedly enrich their lives.

  9. I love the thought of you sitting with your beautiful girl sharing these lessons. You can be sure she will not ever forget it!! 3 lessons I learned from my Dad (I actually got up at his funeral and shared them): If you say you're going to do something, do it. If you start something, finish it. If you buy something, pay for it. Simple Midwestern truths that have served me very well in my life!!

  10. oh kolleen, you & sydnie are so blessed to have each other!!! (dear photos!)
    hmmmm, one of my first reflections is what i learned from my volleyball coach..he was TOUGH..& as a girl, he helped me balance my "nice" side w/also being strong/driven/tougher skin... i trust i received that when i needed it & am thankful!
    much love to you & syd & to your beautiful hearts!!! xoxox

  11. Your story is sweet, mine not so much. As a child, whenever we felt sick, my Dad would ask us if we had gone to the bathroom. It was the family joke as we grew up, that going pottie was the cure all for everything. My Dad now walks on those streets of gold, and I miss him a lot. But I have to smile to myself every time one of my kids aren't feeling well, and I ask them, if they need to go pottie. I guess I didn't turn into my Mom, but turned into my Dad instead.

  12. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. My Dad was a football coach and he loved this quote. I've pretty much finished everything I've ever started...don't know if that makes me a winner, but I never wonder "what if"! And even though some things are hard to finish and I've wanted to quit, I'm proud to say I haven't. That was one of many important life lessons from my Dad!


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