Friday, March 25, 2011

a photo and some words

what are you holding in your net??

happy weekend!


  1. love this quote!

    right now my net contains lots and lots of faith, hoping to catch the courage, strength and lots and lots of laughter.

    love you, mi amiga

  2. this image brings joy. dang. i remember when
    i was that size. visiting my aunt and uncle in
    west palm beach. tasting salt water for the first time.
    mom said she would panic everytime she saw
    me go under in the water. i had no idea swimming
    in the ocean was different then the lake or pool.
    i never wanted to leave.

    and mother smooth chick.

    my net is full of sweet souls who get me through each day.
    full of support, giggles and some tears.

    love you chickadee.


  3. I love the photo! These days I think I'm trying to scoop up all the faith I can find and trust that my path is unfolding just the way it should.

    Happy Saturday!

  4. This really makes me think and look into my soul.... thank you!

  5. My Net Contains Words From An Unrewarded Genius. A Man's Work I Stumbled Upon While Visiting A Blog Recently And I've Been Filling My Heart With His Wisdom Ever Since.

    His Name Is "James Allen".

    A Philosophical Writer And Poet Who Actually Passed in 1912. I Cannot Get Over Never Having Heard Of Him Before Now. But As Scripture Says..Everything Has Its Perfect Season.

    Right Now I'm Reading "The Gate And The Way". And I'm Blown Away By The Purity Of This Man's Words.

    That's What's In My Net Right Now. Powerful Words Dripping With Wisdom And Truth.

    Love Ya Sweet Kolleen!


i heart love notes....