Wednesday, March 16, 2011

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

as i edge closer and closer to my last year in my 30's, 
i have been reflective of certain changes 
that have occurred in the last few years....
namely in my energy levels, body, moods, etc....

i talk to many of my friends who can relate all too well....
how much more difficult "certain times of the month" become,
 how we are tired, unmotivated, on edge, 
more emotional during those times.  
(i know for me I tend to have to apologize a bit more to my family!)

so today i would love to know...


i can't wait to hear your answers my friends!
(i need some incentive that will stick!!!)


  1. my mood bottomed out this afternoon -- then i made peanut butter chocolate chip brownies and that did it for me! ♥

  2. Well, I've probably said this before, but you asked.... My morning walk as well as my weekly run are not options to be considered - they just ARE. And since they happen first thing in the morning, there is no time to talk myself out of it. If I waited I would likely find lots of excuses! Going to the gym is more of a challenge because it's usually in the afternoon and somehow there never seems to be enough time. Lately it's only been once a week, but it's kind of the same thing. It's just a habit that I can't back out of. That's what works for me!!

  3. ice cream.
    okay that and a few other things.
    i try to get out and od something creative
    or head to the thrift store to find something
    fun, but spend little money. i do know, even though
    i am terrible about keeping up with this, exercise
    always makes me feel better. the trick of course
    it to just get moving and on a schedule.
    this week i am doing great and feel so much better
    in my skin.

  4. Um. Tough one. If I am feeling low energy I usually just let myself rest. Especially if aunt flo is visiting HAHa. I work on loving myself and not feeling guilty but it is hard. I just want you to know that I HEAR you my sister friend on the unmotivated and emotional moods. I hear you. muwah

  5. i sleep, really. this time of our lives, we need to not be stressed out, accomplishing too much. we need to pamper. i like running when i am anxious, doing ballet when i'm frustrated, i've even cried while on the treadmill! but three months ago i hurt my back and don't have the option to run or dance right now. so i nap. it's not the best thing, but it seems to help. a quiet room, rest, a mocha or tea when i wake up.
    but i don't have kids anymore, so napping is easy for me. hubby says i'm snappy more now than i use to be. but he understands i'm in pain while having a hot flash...not fun!

  6. Ugh! I hear you sister. I turned 40 this year, and all kinds of things are changing.
    (both good & difficult)

    I try to get the music going ... something upbeat & lively. Right now it's French music and drawing. That and a BIG hot cup of coffee seem to really help me.

  7. Hmm... I guess just knowing how good I will feel when I do GET UP, and GET MOVING helps a lot. Really great lively music... A friend pushing me forward... And then sometimes... I just need a little nap first, and that's okay too.

  8. I love this post because this is the question I want answered as well. And ugh to THAT time of the month! I swear it takes three weeks from my life every month.

    I just had my hair cut that helped a lot! And I am on the look out for cool necklaces - just wandering around Etsy helps with that too. Or having laughs with a friend. That REALLY helps!

  9. oh my dear friend in that moment it can be so difficult to do. When the darkness sets in for me I can feel myself retreating, sadness creeping in, and no motivation to get out of it. What I have found really helpful is leaning on friends during these tough times. Friends who listen to what you say and really see you. These types of friends lift you up in so many ways. There kind words of encouragement and take a dark day and turn in brighter ~ even through the tears. It has not been easy for me to realize that I do need this help. This shoulder to lean on. This kind ear to listen. I always tried to do everything on my own. But we are all in this together. To help one another. To heal one another. To love one another. *you are one of these dear ppl to me. helping me through, exactly when I need it. I love you*

    I have also created little cards that I keep in a jar. On these cards are creative prompts....photograph something bigger than you....take out your watercolors and paint a picture....go out and leave three hope notes in the world. They are all small things that can be accomplished without much time or effort. When I am feeling down I tell myself that I must choose one and do whatever it says. It is good because it means I do not have to come up with something to do ~ because usually in those moments I am lost. And it shifts me, in a way I never expected.

    I also find that music really helps me get out of my darkness at times. I have a Belthoff Beats Playlist. That I put on when I am in the shower and I just let my body get into the groove. It is a good way to start the day and shift my mood.

    Sending you lots of love my dear. You are a star, shining brightly in the sky. Even when your light is flickering because you are feeling dreary...I still see you. And I hold you gently.

    Loving you


  10. Ahhh yes, the "changes"... I SO understand. I've struggled with that the last couple years too. When I am feeling like most of my energy has been zapped away... I try some music, (always gets me moving. Adele is my new music crush)I call some of my "Besties" for some girl bonding, coffee, (I have become more of a coffee drinker each year & the size of my mug is ridiculous!)painting energizes me, or I put my little one in the stroller & walk it out.

    Have a beautiful, "energized" rest of the week!

  11. Hello gorgeous girl. For me, its knowing it will all turn out okay, so i just go for a walk, breathe in the air and remember how amazing this world is. Baths, chocolate, tea, friends and family are also on my energy list! Xx

  12. paradoxically to allow myself to rest.
    (which i'm not always so practiced at!)
    loooove you dear! xoxxoo

  13. Attitude is everything.
    I know it's easier said than done but I am a big believer in that.
    Change is hard when it effects you emotionally and physically- enjoy this time- wait till you turn 50!!!!!!! Loads of fun...not!

  14. wow, i sometimes have a tough time coming up for air when i get low. painting helps a lot and popping in a favorite funny movie always lifts me up. i was having a tough time this week in particular and decided to clean out the fridge. it totally made me feel better. also, jumping jacks and skipping down the sidewalk are big mood lifters.
    Happy St Paddy's to you beautiful Kolleen!

    much love,
    jenny :)

  15. Cher's Farewell Tour. Watch it immediately if not sooner. I think she was about 56 at the time, and she is amazing! You can't help but smile and move while you're watching. I told my husband to leave it in the queue because I want to have it handy to watch when I need a boost. Just watched it tonight.. and I'm still smiling as I write this. : )

  16. sitting here near comatose i'm so tired, 2 hours of sleep last night, went in to work at 3.30 a.m. and got out at 1p.m. but than i surf and find your inspirational words and, it being the first warmish day we've had yet, i'm going to put on my sandals and go outside.. the nap can wait.. thanks!!!!

  17. Nature does it for me; Walking and taking pics of the tiny changes. Seeing things with fresh eyes lifts my mood. Even dried flowers in evolves and so do we! xXx


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