Wednesday, December 15, 2010

....say whaaaaaaaaat wednesday?

well i was reminded 
several times today,
we are 10 days out!

10 days!!!!!
where does the time go?!?!? 

in my family we have a tradition
that i started last year in hopes 
to put a different twist on gift giving!
(i wrote a bit about it here)
we each draw names and 
have to MAKE that 
person a gift.  
i love teaching my children
all about "buying (& making) handmade".

it is so much fun to see what each person
comes up with.  
this year i drew my sweet, sweet Chandler.
he LOVES Disney Land...
his most favorite place on Earth!  so i think
i will come up with a collage full of Disney
goodness and maybe a 
painting of Mickey intermingled...??
(clearly need to get started!!)

so, tell me...


wishing you all calm spirits
and blankets of love and warmth!

thank you for visiting!


  1. Hi Kolleen! What a lovely tradition! Hard to believe how fast the time goes by! I think handmade gifts are the best! :)

  2. kolleen, we'll be at our north shore cabin over christmas!! i looove that you can picture it now! i treasure YOUR blankets of warmth & heart connection! looove to you! xoxox

  3. Awww, I bet he will just love his Disney present! Our newest tradition is really fun...this will be the 3rd year we have done it....we go out for Chinese food on Christmas night for dinner. It's so much fun and it reminds us of the movie Christmas Story. You would be surprised how crowded it is on that night! So thats what we'll be doing Christmas night!

  4. it's kinda nice that he is so into Disneyland because you don't have to guess - you can't go wrong!! Our Christmas Eve day involves a movie (we hardly EVER go otherwise) and then appetizers, white Russians (not sure how that started but I do remember having them at our rehearsal dinner 32 years ago!) and just the 3 of us (Muffy of course )and kind of a long, slow gift-giving thing punctuated by pizza and dessert! We turn down any invitations for that night, but usually go somewhere on Christmas Day. Works for us!!

  5. My new holiday tradition is sending out New Year's cards instead of Christmas! ha! Where does the time go, anyway?!
    love you-


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