Monday, December 6, 2010

...SHE'S 8

My Dearest Sydnie,

Today you rounded the corner 
to the big number 8. 

I loved decorating your door and 

leaving you a special little note on your pillow 
(even though i silently struggled here and there to grasp that you are REALLY 8).

You continue to bring laughter and bright light 
to each and every day.  
I am BEYOND grateful to be your mom 
to raise you and watch you continue to blossom.

Thank you for your infectious spirit.

your sense of style.

your independent nature.

your love for paper and pens
and markers and paints 
(and your sisters too)

your willingness to be totally weird with me....
(cuz as you say "mom youre so weird...but in a good way!)

your love for your sister

your free spirit

your fabulous conversations

your tight squeezes

the smiles and love that you 
give me day in and day out.

as i have told you many times before....
your ability to 
"march to the beat of your own drum and really own it" 
is something I ASPIRE TO BE more like.

i learn from YOU

i am abundantly blessed to be your mom....
thank YOU for being my girl, my little rockstar.

and remember the world is yours baby
you can be anything you want to be!!

i love you 
the last number.

here's syd's music choice for her bday!
(apple didn't fall far from the tree in
the music realm)


  1. Oh, what a precious post! 8! Ryder will be 8 in a couple of months and it just seems so...big! You are such a good mama, capturing not just special moments but the unique things about her spirit that make her totally SYDNIE! I know you're a lucky mama, but she is one lucky girl.

  2. What a beautiful little pixie princess..just like her mama. I love this list of loves for her! She will cherish it one day.

    Door decoratin...gonna do that--good tip!
    miss you love you so much-

  3. What deep love you all's all so wonderful and inspiring. Happy Birthday to your very special and spunky gal.

  4. You got it all right on this one baby!!! Sweet.......sweet........sweet!
    Your little Syd is so much like her mamma! Loving you both.

  5. What a wonderful letter for your daughter to treasure forever. I love how you let her follow her heart and soul. A true gift from a mama!

    Have a beautiful day with your darling!

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl!! What a lovely post from a great mama! :)

  7. Ah..Happiest of Birthday's To Your Sweet Sydnie! My babygirl is all grown up now. While I browsed all the lovely photos displaying your love and connection to one another..brought back the sweetest of memories! I haven't visited you in quite a while Sweet Kolleen..well that's not exactly true :))..I do pop over to gleen your newest updates on your great MUSICAL SELECTIONS! NO ONE and I do mean NO ONE knows their music like you do. Here's sending you a Big Southern Christmas Hug along with Heartfelt Friendship across the miles..Terri

  8. Ahhhh i loved reading this and seeing all the wonderful photos. Adorable daughter, just like her mom. Enjoy the rest of your week honey. xx

  9. what a beautiful post for a beautiful girl! you're such a wonderful mom. ♥

  10. What a beautiful daughter with a beautiful mother! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog, I've read through a bunch of past posts and found so much inspiration here :)

  11. awww how cute this is!! Thanks for sharing darling! You're a super mom!
    Boho Market

  12. Seriously adorable Kolleen!
    ♥to you,

  13. happy birthday to your amazing girl!

  14. just as darling as you and syd are! so loved reading this. i hope she never loses herself! you are a good mama to keep encouraging her!
    loves to you!

  15. I love this and how special you recognize she is!
    Your love is how I feel about my children, you painted it well, with your photos and words. We need to give them our blessings to be themselves!
    I love this post and I remember the last number post~ Such a heartfilled post~

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful girl; 8 is Great!

  16. OMG...I am just in love with the both of you! You my dear Kolleen are a rockstar of a Mama-and Syndey is just the Queen of Rockstars-how could she not be with your blood flowing through her tiny veins! Someday she will read this post and cry happy tears. She will feel so blessed to be loved so much by YOU! This post made me smile and my heart warm. I think you are both wonderful...I can't wait to meet her someday in person. I love you!


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