Wednesday, December 1, 2010

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

a painting i just recently finished
(prints will be in my etsy shop
that i am in the process of getting open!!)

do you ever feel that sometimes you
are just lost?
that sometimes no matter how hard
you try you struggle to make a 
decision on which way to turn?

do you ever feel that sometimes you
are in the darkness and aren't sure
where to find the light?

that is the inspiration behind this painting
and my question for today.


it is funny how sometimes we don't even
realize how lost we are until someone
comes along and points us in a different
direction or simply gives us new perspective.

i am so grateful for the many Guides i have had at
different times in my life...Guides that i know
were brought to me at exactly the time
i needed them.

here's to all the Guides in our lives!!



  1. Do you know how wonderful you are???? How sweet your paintings are????
    I loved reading the footnote about prints being available in your etsy shop soon! You are definately one of my Guides...did you know that???? I love the new painting-I love how you are adding the backgrounds and I really love the angle of this one. Oh yea, and I really love you!

  2. i have to say that my sister has been my guide when i need one. she's the best!
    love you and can't wait to see your shop open! (i took the's a lot of fun!)

  3. Woo-hoo! Excited to see you taking the plunge!

  4. New shop opening.......LOVING THAT NEWS!!! I will be checkin in very soon!!! I wanna see that OPEN sign in the door.... By being brave and following your heart you are a guide. You are also ADORABLE, TALENTED, SMART, FUNNY BEYOND WORDS.......Oh you are a great salad maker.... Need I say more......... Keep writting down those dreams, seems to work. You should get something in the mail in a few months.......oxoxo
    I am so proud of you my friend. Let's celebrate your grand opening!!!! I can wait to go shopping for my new little house.
    kisses and hugs.

  5. wooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!
    congratulations on the brave steps
    to open your etsy shop!!
    YESYESYES to you!
    kisses to your stepping feet. xxx
    & i love your painting..
    you, who i found as a guide
    on a north shore dirt road.
    looove you! xoxox

  6. I love your etsy shop already and it is only the banner and intro! I love it! I ADORE your new painting. I adore you!

  7. COngrats on your Etsy shoppe gf.... that's wonderful!
    I hope u hv huge success!
    Can u msge me/email me and let me know how and where u are getting your art prints done? I am wanting to do the same.. thks! hugs

  8. congrats kol!! that is so exciting. this has been a long journey and i'm so glad you are ready for this part of it!! i can't wait to see it all filled with goodies!! love ya!

  9. I am beyond grateful for the guides in my life...I am so thankful the God has given me YOU to be one of them...I love you my sweet soul sister...You are truly an amazing treasure in my life and I am so glad that we get to walk this journey together.

  10. ooooh I'm excited for your shop. This new painting is bursting with your big heart. xoxo

  11. Kolleen, is going to have a shop soon and thats so cool and I am so happy for her right now....Go K Go K You are amazing and I love you ..You know I am singing in my head as I type this..Woman like you have helped me along the way..and you my friend with sweet little words of kindness..Thanks G

  12. your new painting is lovely....this year has been filled with wonderful people who have totally enriched my life....what a blessing....thank you for your sweet words : )

    <3 Carrie

  13. etsy shop :) I am so super excited to see this. So proud that you are putting it out to the world that you are going to be doing this. I adore this painting you have featured here. It is stunning! You my dear are so talented! I am smiling from ear to ear here in NJ as I watch you spread your wings. Fly dear I will be here to hold your hand if you are feeling frightened.

    This online community has been such a saving grace to me in my life. Lifting me up when I was down and letting me know that I am able to do things I never thought possible. It has opened a whole new world of support for me. I am not sure what I would be doing without it, where I would be, and who I would be. I am so lucky to have this online community.

    And you my dear Kolleen are such a ray of sunshine and support in my life. I am so grateful for Y.O.U!


  14. what is left to be said?
    i have been waiting for this news for WAAAAAAAAY too long sister o mine.
    that is a wonderful thought.
    my mom
    my daughter tess
    many artful sisters out there
    my savior
    oh man....i could go on and on
    drive safe tomorrow ( past midnight!) i.ll hug you soon.

  15. My guides have come in so many women this year. I mean, A LOT of women...Brave Girl, included. I love seeing these ladies living the big dreams...knowing what's important and what to leave behind. I follow in their example and find that there is so much more to this creative journey and wonderful life.
    Cannot WAIT to hug you today!!!


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