Tuesday, December 14, 2010

....a bit of like

i really like (okay....LOVE) me some yummy
coffee and Borders 
(especially when it used to be an old house in New Orleans!)

i really like creating handmade journals.
working on another 4-5 to take 
into a little boutique where i live
 and hopefully they will sell, sell, sell!
i am also in the midst of making more
for my etsy shop that i am gearing up
to open mid January.

and i like me a little Harry Connick Jr.
while I create and wrap and try to remain destressed!!

hope you are all remaining destressed
and doing things that bring some comfort!!

stay tuned...more to come about my recent little adventure
in New Orleans!  OH WHAT FUN!!!



  1. Love it! So excited for your journals, way to go Kolleen!!!

  2. Loving your journals AND that Borders. Mmmm Heaven!!

  3. Can't wait for the Etsy launch! Hooray!!!

    I could live in Borders...with Harry Connick Jr. and unlimited chai lattes.

  4. Love the journals--just waiting to be played in!

    P.S. You and me both on the Borders thing!!

  5. I'm soosooo glad you had a great time in NO. Maybe someday we'll meet up there and get out groove on:)
    I absolutely love that you are getting your handmade, beautiful journals out there in the world. People are going to love them. and I can't wait for the store to open so I can have one for my very own.
    Love you sweet girl!

  6. Oh I can't wait for your Etsy store to open - what an accomplishment!

  7. waiting patiently for your shop to open! love you. ♥

  8. Can't wait to pimp out your Etsy digs, girl!!! You are so ready for this.

    Never seen a Borders in such a cool building...everything we have here is so NEW..to new, in my opinion ;)
    lovin' you!!

  9. love! you look darling and tiny in front of that house! so excited to see more photos of your trip. my sister and her hubby always have a blast when they go there with a group of friends! xo to you!

  10. What a fun post! LOVE that Borders. And your journals. Can't wait for your shop to open!!! Glad you are doing well. Love, Silke

  11. i just love this picture of you. so when is the opening party of your shop? we are def going to have to celebrate in some way. i am so excited and proud of you for continuing to talk about it. keep moving mamma!

  12. sweetheart. your journals are AMAZING.
    you are amazing
    i love you dear.




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