Wednesday, February 17, 2010


hump day!! hump day!!
so in sticking with last week's question...i must be fair and ask the obvious...

who is your all time favorite hollywood hunk...and why??

i have to admit it was pretty tough for me to choose just one....i mean, we have the dapper and suave cary, the ever so sexy clint, the rugged laid back jeff, the uber talented jack, and the young hot bradley cooper (had to throw him in...)

so...after giving it some thought, i just HAD to pick the rugged, laid back DUDE himself...Jeff Bridges. He has endless talent, gorgeous blue eyes (and i am clearly a SUCKER for that), and a very sexy voice. Plus he has been married for 32 years and is a papa to three girls! I highly recommend seeing his amazing effortless performance as Bad Blake in this movie. (there's some pretty good music in in too)!

other than that I have been working on a new series of is one from my "HeartWingSisters Angels"...i think she would look so cute hung in a little girls room or propped on her book shelf amongst her dollies and teddy bears! she will be going up in my etsy shop once i am up and running... hopefully within the next month!!

well...i hope this lovely wednesday is treating you all well....and please, please share with me your favorite hollywood hunk!! would LOVE to know!


  1. you look adorable in the the outfit...wish i could see your pretty face. :)
    as far as my all time favorite Hollywood Hunk...Gerard Butler. the looks, the accent, everything about him. *sigh*

  2. Kolleen amor, cute outfit! Your such a Cali girl :) heck we'll wear UGGS with anything right :) I think maybe they are our version of cowboy boots lol I love your new angel :) ...hmmm I have 4 all time FAVORITE hollywood hunks...Cary Grant...cause lets face it, even when he was older and grey the man exudes Charisma & sexiness :)Then I would have to say Clive Owens, George Clooney and Gerard Butler...mon dieu you got my heart goin :) Besos, Rose

  3. I am a sucker for Colin Firth. But there is also Gerard Butler, Pierce Brosnan, and Johnny Depp. :)

    Love the outfit!

  4. Oh I loved Patrick Swazie and will forever miss his cute face. Johnny Depp is an awesome actor and cute. Brad Pitt was and is a cutie pie(loved him in a river run's through it)but really I have the best looking husband in the world. He will be fifty and still rock's my world.
    You young cute girl's look cute in everything. Live it up.Looking good.
    Love, Debbie

  5. Gerard...he can even sing. LOVE that man!!
    I adore your outfit and adore you!!
    Hope your day is going well, I'm still playing catch up with life, have a test tonight and a much needed haircut!
    Hugs and love,

  6. You are too funny! Love Bradley cooper....did you see Valentines Day and the Hangover? I think my guy du jour is Patrick Dempsey..
    Love the UGGS on you...never owned a pair myself!
    xoxo Charm

  7. Ahh..thanks Kolleen for the sweet comment you left today. I've been working really hard to get my angels to a place I can be happy with. Glasswork and solder are so new to me, but I'm learning every day.

    One thing for sure..this process is far different from painting. Getting your solder straight without burning your fingers or breaking your crystals, have been two of my greatest challenges. But I'm staying the course.

    And hey..I'm with Tricia who commented earlier that her favorite Hollywood Hunk is Gerard Butler. Oooh La La! He sure is fine! But in all reality, my sweet husband may not be a hunk out West, but he's for sure one here in good ole Dixie!

    Have a fun and enjoyable weekend my new friend..and I can hardly wait to hear from you once "Samantha," arrives. She should be there any day now!

    Blessings, joy and sunshine, Terri


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