Friday, February 26, 2010


This is what Friday looked like for me.........
Almond trees in bloom...closest thing we get to "snow on our trees"
love this book...very inspiring
painting i started...."life is better with company". don't ya think?!?
gettin ready for the 10 year old sleepover
snacks and little gifts
the girls after getting their make-up done (they looked beautiful...but prettier without!)
sister love
friend love
an "american idol" in the making
they called themselves..."the sisterhood"
make a wish

today was about peace, love and happiness!!

this mama bear is tired....gonna be a LONG night, i'm afraid!!

how was your friday??? xoxoxo


  1. I wish those where the types of snow covered trees that I was seeing here. Everything is covered in white around me.

    Hope the little beauties didn't keep you up to late :)

  2. I loved your post and your new art piece. It sounds like you are a very blessed girl. Thanks for coming by my blog. I've been thinking about an etsy store and your comment gave me a little more courage! I also want to read "life is a Verb" based on your recommendation and what it inspired in you.

  3. Well, I hope you got a little sleep, but how fun!! Love those little idols-in-the-making (you never know, right??) and all your cute party details!! My Friday was a trip up to the mountains to finalize plans for my little upcoming retreat - getting excited!! Happy weekend and love to you, Mama Bear!!!

  4. Looks like the girlies all had a blast! Can't believe how old our nieces are looking! I am counting down the days till we come visit. Hope Soph had a fabulous day! Love ya

  5. How CUTE!!! I LOVE ten yr old girls. And your new painting is fabulous. Your work really shines Kolleen :) Much love to you.

  6. I wish my trees looked like that! Happy Birthday to your little girl. What cute pics! Your piece looks great, lovely colors!

  7. wonderful photos! those girls are adorable! looks like so much fun too.
    ok, your painting is ADORABLE! how cute is that?? looks like it could be you, me, and chrissy! so that is who i'm gonna think it is...all of us together, painting, eating, and gabbing!
    hope the rest of your weekend is relaxing dear!

  8. aw such sweetness. you are such a wonderful mom to let these little girls hang out and giggle and dance and sing. i bet it's a night she wont forget. love you kolleen. i miss you and wish you and chrissy were coming to squam by the sea!

  9. love your painting, your girls (oh, please do my make-up too! how fun!), and your company..that indeed makes life better. xox


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