Wednesday, January 4, 2012


....this year it didn't come quite as easily to me as last year's did.
THEE WORD .... the word to carry me through 2012...
the word i would lean on, hold gently, place in my pocket.
 i thought and thought ... pondered ... 
did alot of reading ... to see if anything jumped out at me,
 truly resonated with what i want this year to represent ... 
what i want to carry with me throughout the next 12 months ...

 and then some.

after a long walk on the beach yesterday, 
listening to the pounding of the waves .... it came to me.  
it nestled into my heart and jumped into my pocket.


liberate - grant freedom to; free from confinement
set free

free, release, rescue, save, deliver, discharge,
redeem, let out, set free, let loose, untie, emancipate,
unchain, unbind, manumit

so i am ready .... 
ready to liberate from:

any chains that are bound around me
carrying the burden of other people's choices and actions
things i cannot control
worry about what others think of me
unnecessary expectations of myself and others
worry that if i do it ... it could be all wrong
prejudices, negative thoughts, the gremlins
worry of "not being good enough"
all the "shoulds" that i lug around day to day...

....i could go on and on

but i am doing it ...

i am liberating baby!!!!!

wanna join me?!?!



  1. Well Hello Miss Kolleen,
    Happy New Year!! Isn't there something larger than 'us' that makes us look forward to changing the calendar. I am 'in love' with your 2012 word. I believe LIBERATE will carry you though this year while providing 'fun' opportunities to 'let loose'.
    Since you are sharing yours, I will share mine. Ready? Stronger .. I want to feel stronger in all aspects of my life. And just so you know ... my word for the last 3 years has been the same; "Simplify". I feel I am finally mastering that word, so now I need to switch focus and become stronger. It takes strength to send those people to the moon ... right? Anyways, I wish you all the best and huge successes to you in 2012. Big Hugs!!

  2. I love your new word for 2012. Just the sound it makes reminds me of freedom!

    You are enough - always.

  3. Sure do!!...want to join you that is. Last year my word (probably prompted by you) was HOPE. Where I am standing right now..choosing liberation & already feeling the resistance..I am shouting yes! LIBERATION was what this year was already all about for me....I love the confirmation. Now if you'd said your word was manumit I wouldn't have had any idea what you were talking about...but I do now! To a year of release, deliverance & emancipation! Thanks Kolleen! Much love Catherine xox

  4. Kolleen, Kolleen, Kolleen, I love this word! So powerful I just want to shout it from the top of a mountain. I am really looking forward to seeing all that unfolds in your life as you liberate. Sending you lots of love. xoxoxo

  5. You inspire me, sister. I'm so proud of you!!! I'll be here, following your journey as you are liberated!!

    Love you

  6. It is amazing sweet friend what a word can do! All the time and thought and searching for a word to place deep into your heart to help take you into the coming year. I love your word.... Liberation! Can not wait to see all the places this word takes you and your family. You have a huge influence on so many people friebs..... Love watching you unfold and move forward .......... Liberate the heart...... Liberate the soul........ Liberate the love and laughter and creativity...... And all those songs just waiting to be sung and all the dances to be danced.... It is going to be a great year!

  7. God how I love you! That is a perfect word, a word of growth and freedom. I wish you a beautiful year of liberation my sweet sister. Yes....this is going to be a wonderful year, with wonderful friends, with love and trust and growth for all of us. I love you sweetie!

  8. i LOVE your word!
    it's clearly inspired.
    (mine is "integrate"...
    pulling together my pieces,
    baby!). miss you! XOX

  9. go forth and Liberate Kolleen. happy new year and best wishes to you. My word this year is LIFT. I'm stepping up to a new level of 'lots of things'. Jane x


    FLY, FLY, FLY!

    i love you. i adore you. i admire you. i miss you.

  11. wow!!! so perfect. this word is so perfect for this time for you. i'm with ya girl. liberate. LOVE this. love you!!

  12. and ps. i am so DIGGING these new drawings. they rock my world!!

  13. Mmmmmmmmm. There is so much in this one word. I cannot wait to see the places it takes you. Here's to liberation, dear dear Kolleen! xoxo


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