Sunday, January 22, 2012

....sunday stirrings

hoping you all had a peaceful, blissful, 
"whatever you may have needed" 
type of weekend.  

here is what stirred my soul this past week....

these encouraging words ... courtesy of pinterest

this book FULL of so much yumminess from some
truly amazing women whom i admire.

this awesome article by my 
"parenthood, will ferrell, bob marley loving, amazeballs artist" friend Kelly Barton...
who continues to inspire me EVERY DAY with her SHINE!
(check her out in the latest Somerset Studio Mag)

carving out time to finger paint!

"going under the flap" for the winter session
of SOUL LODGE.  so good for my soul.
thank you to the wise and beautiful Pixie Campbell 
for guiding us through.


this song ... their voices together are so beautiful.

hoping you will share what stirred your soul this week.



  1. I am finding it is important to stop and count all of my many blessings. Those little things that stop me in my tracks and call my name and cause me to grow towards those people and things that make me happy and fulfilled. Things that "make" my day... Your Sunday stirrings are a sweet reminder for me to do just that. To stop and count my many blessings. Of which you are one.... Once again you inspire me... ox

  2. Change and insecurity stirred my soul this weekend. Sadly, I don't think it will resume to just one weekend.

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i heart love notes....