Wednesday, January 11, 2012

say whaaaaaaat wednesday??

happy wednesday friends...
i don't know about you guys but i am struggling a bit
getting back into the groove ... back into "routine"...

so today i would love to know...

what made you happy today??

for me ... many things did, 
but this song in particular worked for me.

i hope you take a listen.

"when the night feels my song,
i'll be home, i'll be home."



  1. the giggle of my 42 year old niece when she called me and said "Guess what? I see you in less than 48 hours!" Love having nieces that are girlfriends.
    This song makes me happy too! Thank Mycolleen!

  2. Happy? I talked to a good friend on the phone.... That was so nice to hear her voice. I enjoyed the sweet feeling of friendship... That made me very happy today. Something so very simple... Made me day.

  3. Sitting here watching Face Off with Jules :)
    I'm kinda floating around without direction too ... maybe we can talk each other back towards our grooves!

  4. Recieving so many wonderful emails yeaterday:O) Have a great day today:O)

  5. Hey K
    on this day what made me happy is taking care of my sweet teenager ..Having me tell me what song to put on my blog only to find out we love the same song...I short 3 mile run and reading your blog..Love you

  6. i am sooooo not getting in the grove either...what's with that?
    today i was happy by just having all (ok, most, minus my missionary) my children at home. safe. sound. together. healthy. whole.
    it's so simple and yet when it's NOT like that, it's so complicated and UNhappy!
    i take that simplicity so for granted sometimes.
    that's what made me happy today sweets.
    love you so!


i heart love notes....