Wednesday, January 18, 2012

on wednesdays and thursdays each week i 
head to the hospital to do volunteer work 
for the program Art for Healing.
i feel so blessed to be able to do this each week ... 
to hopefully make a patient smile, create something with them, laugh, let them know they are seen and heard, 
bring a sense of calm and release from whatever 
has landed them in that hospital bed.
i have had countless patients say things to me 
that will stay with me forever, 
lessons they may have learned, 
realizations they have had.
and i myself have had many realizations 
in my time spent there...  
i have realized as i go from room to room 
in the hospital how easy it is to take
our health for granted.
  i have realized that truly our health is one 
THEE single most important things.   
i have realized that all the material things of this world 
have very little, if no meaning, 
when you are lying in a hospital bed.  
i have realized vanity goes out the door when all 
we want to do is feel better.  
i have realized that if we do not have our health 
we truly cannot enjoy those we love and 
love the way we would like in return.  
i have realized life is short ... 
we never know from one day to the next 
what this life may bring our way.  

i truly have new perspective and a much 
deeper level of gratitude for each day that i wake up 
feeling healthy, no aches, no pains, no sickness.

please share with me ... what have you realized lately?


  1. i have realized that your light shines clear over here to middle earth and it makes me feel like you are way closer that you really are.

    love you.

  2. I have realized lately.....and lots of times even before lately...what an amazing, purehearted soul you are. You radiate true, unconditional love.

    And...I have realized lately that it feels really good to just settle in to being exactly who you are, where you are, how you are.


  3. YOU are an angel, my sweet Kolleen. I love that you give so much love, and I love that you just keep growning and growing. I love you so much!

  4. I realize that doing acts of pure kindness, with no reward expected or desired, is an incredible gift to our souls. I realize that I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you much at BGC, because I missed out on getting to know a real live angel. <3

  5. I had a little epiphany the other day, and realized that I have the opportunity to make each day exactly what I want it to be. Sounds silly, but after living for so long with an alcoholic where everything felt so out of my control, forgot that somewhere along the way. It was an amazing realization ... thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share.

    YOU are doing amazing things, and making a real difference!

  6. Lovely true post sweet friebs. How wonderful to watch you grow into all that you are. To watch you give yourself away with such grace is so life changing for all of us. To see you become comfortable with the woman you are- blesses me no end. I am so honored to be loved by you....

  7. What a beautiful thing that you found such a win-win situation... and the fact that it involves art too - amazing!! I am having some of those same "realizations" with my hospice work. It's not always pretty, but life is for learning.
    Sending big loves and hugs your way!!!!

  8. "i have realized that if we do not have our health
    we truly cannot enjoy those we love and
    love the way we would like in return." wow. these words ring so true right now. my family is under attack by biblical strength bacteria and it has seriously affected our day to day enjoyment. you are a blessing to those patients my dear. always remember that.

  9. I have realized lately that community is so important. That we need each other and it is so important for us to lean on each other.

    I love you dear friend and I love that you are doing this at the hospital. What a ray of sunshine you must be to their days. You and your beautiful smile. xoxo

  10. It's so true.. I've had a rough week - had a never ending cold - it just seems to move from one stage to the next. But when I start to feel down & think poor me, I think of my friend that has cystic fybrosis & has trouble breathing every day. We must treat our bodies like the temples that they are & be grateful for our health


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