Sunday, January 8, 2012

...sunday stirrings

each sunday i am going to try to post about a 
few things that stirred my soul this week...
things that moved me. 
making it a time to reflect on what 
brought me smiles, tears, laughter, inspiration, 
deep thought, movement ... love.

the older i get ... every day, i realize this more and more.

vision board i created at a workshop...
really focusing in on my 2012 word
LIBERATE ... such a great exercise ... 
was lost in it.

dinner date with friends ... good conversation,
laughter, love.
(gotta love the silly nose picker!)

this song ... the entire CD ...

walking here ... mama ocean always 
soothes ... always seems to stir things within.

holding this sweet little girl ... she
made my heart burst.
(nope...she's not mine...i already have two big boys...
she's a friends ... her name is Envy)

just a taste of what stirred me this week ...
what caused that for you??



  1. this new year has me counting my blessings even more than before. My soul was stirred by our lab, who for the 2 years we have had him, has not been accepting of our love. Then Friday, a miracle happened and he let me pet him. Then later that same afternoon, he let my husband pet him. Then he climbed into our laps, all 80+ pounds of him. He has finally accepted our love, and loves it so much that he can't get enough of it. And neither can we. It is a miracle that stirs my soul so deeply.

  2. Love the quote and so true!! And love all your things as well as Jayne's story above! I was just in my studio (cleaning... it's about time!) and was a little overwhelmed realizing how many beautiful souls were represented (through art and words) there on the walls... some that I know well, some a little and some not at all (yes, you are among them!) It just took me by surprise and was very moving.... I think a blog post may be in order one of these days!!

  3. so fun to see! you always make me smile :)

    happy new year to you!

    xo, juliette


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