Friday, December 30, 2011

...friday thoughts

... i can hardly believe another year has come and gone.  
it seems the older i get, 
the quicker the time goes and the more i am trying to 
hold on to each little, tender moment.

this is a time of reflection for me (as i know it is for most of us)... looking back, remembering, 
writing down intentions for the upcoming year, 
things i want to release and let go of, 
focusing on that which i want to bring into my life.

my dear friend Londa posted a question today ... 
asking for ONE word to define this past year ... 
so tell me, what's yours??  

What is your ONE word to sum up 2011??

peaceandlove always ... 
blessings upon the new year ahead ... 
let us keep seeking the good and striving for the better.



  1. My word to sum up!......I think it would have to be TRUTH. I saw the truth in so many ways this year-good and bad. Sometimes so very painful, and sometimes so enriching. To me, I seem to have come to a point in my life, that the only thing that really matters is what is TRUE.
    I love you Kolleen!

  2. vision as well as outward vision! Miss you Kolleen...Joyous and fabulous 2012 to you...Annie

  3. my word i had picked for 2011 was "true". but i think that the word "enlightened" ended up being a better word to describe the past year. i'm with kelly l. i learned so much truth from the world, a lot good, and some very bad. I was shocked and disappointed by a few people, but it made me better and i actually came out stronger, wiser, and not a bit jaded, but more appreciative of the good in most people.

    you have to acknowledge the bad, but if you let it jade you, turn you bitter, then you are no better than the ugly that you experience. instead, you have to let it turn the goodness in your life that much sweeter.

    Enlightened....and beautiful. xoxoxoxox

  4. i had posted on a friends page that my 2011 word was "crazy". now i think i look at it and i would say "eventful". so much good and some bad took place in 2011. A LOT of mistakes but also learning.

    i am challenging myself to make 2012 full of goodness, love, memories and trust. i wish you and your family much love, laughter and happiiness in the coming year. maybe i will even get a chance to see you. have a wonderful night sending out the old and bringing in the new.

  5. Happy New year to you Kolleen! I didn't really choose a word, it was definitely a year filled with transition. Hoping 2012 will be magical and filled with art!
    Love to you,

  6. Happy New Year, Kolleen! Wishing you a year full of good health and happiness. May all your dreams come true.

    My word: DELIGHT


  7. i hadn't picked one until now, but i guess since you've pushed me... ;) how about "GO"? i like that one...

  8. Happy New Year from your latest stalker :)
    My word for 2011 has to be SHAKEN
    Firstly we had thousands of earthquakes/shakes and aftershocks and then in September we decided to move from the still unstable grounds. So our life was very shaken to say the least (and still is a little emotionally, but we are getting settles slowly)
    My word for 2012: Possibility !!!!!


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