Wednesday, January 26, 2011

say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???


today's question came to me 
as i was sitting, taking a break, watching Oprah.  
(yes...i am going to miss it when her show is over!)

it was all about happiness and different things
 we can do to lift our joy levels.  
you can take the "happiness" quiz here

so...tell me,

what do you do on a daily basis 
that brings you happiness
and lifts your joy level??

thank you for visiting me
& go get happy!!!!!


  1. When I spend time with the Lord. I don't know why it can be so hard for me to make the time. If I start my day this way my whole day feels better/different.

  2. i make myself smile when i wake up. my first impression is "i don't want to wake up" then i tell myself to smile and go make coffee so i can jump back into bed and snuggle with my love. that always makes the day start out in a happy way.

  3. Well, I just had to hop on over and see what your latest question was! I missed Oprah, but I did see the one about her new sister. I took the quiz, but it doesn't really give you a conclusion at the end. Anyway, you probably know this from reading my blog, but I do try every day to do absolutely nothing for a short time - preferably more than once. It clears my brain, stops the thoughts, brings me back to the present moment and allows room for inspiration to seep in. Love it!

  4. I take the time (even if it's only 15 minutes) to focus on my creative dreams and goals and just write something I feel about my journey at the moment, inspirations, ideas, and lots of lists :)

  5. Nice post; Little things, but usually all have creative edges! Hugs, walking, reading, writing...
    and reading blogs, like yours~

  6. First I just have to say that this is the absolute cutest picture of you EVER- maybe because YOU look really happy! :) answer sounds simple but it really does work for me (and after watching Oprah I learned it works for alot of people) and it's just closing my eyes and doing some deep breathing as often as I can remember to do it! I used to meditate years ago and, of course, breathing is a huge part of that so I learned how to be quiet and focus on breath. And then I learned how much that changes your outlook! I really need to start meditating again on the regular!!! I guess it maybe brings my anxeity/stress level down more than bringing me actual happiness but there all related, right???
    The other thing I do is try to take joy in the little things in my day...the sun on my face, pretty sunset, the way tree leaves glitter in the sunlight, etc. When I really pay attention to my surroundings the miraculousness of it all makes me happy to be alive! I also agree with Ella-just reading about positivity and happiness can be a catalyst to your own happiness :) So thank YOU for that sista!

  7. First I have to agree this is a very cute picture of you.....
    what I like to do everyday that brings me happiness, is kiss my husband and my children and reflect on my creative dreams!

  8. OMG, are you the cutest ever!!! I love that photo of you!!!! :) Well, my whole day is designed to keep my happiness level up. Most everything makes me happy - Daniel, our sweet pets, reading, pretty things around the house, knitting, cooking, making art, blogging, connecting with you!! Love, Silke

  9. i visit my girls blogs, sometimes chat with them and light my zena moon candles. they ground me. as pixie says....two feet on the floor, mediate. it works. gosh i wish i lived near you two. if you hear of any athletic directors jobs - let me know.

  10. hug my boys, connect w/dear friends like YOU!,
    pray, out love & recognize it & say hello. xoxox

  11. What def brings happiness to me is my darling Boys:O) and my hubby when they are all at school I enjoy my painting reading walks music(still listening to christmas music)and I meditate, I like to kid around alot and pull pranks:O)it makes me LAUGH:O)

  12. Oh the sweet little things in life make me happy! A rumpled, cozy bed, wet kisses from my kitties and doggies, sweet treats to eat with friends, beautiful blogs like yours to visit, and sunshine after the rain.

    kisskiss, dahling

  13. oh I love happiness. Daily there are many things that bring me happiness. One thing that I can count on to lift me up when I am low is music. Oh how music speaks to my heart. I have a play list titled "dancing in the street" that I turn to when I need a little up lifting.

    One thing that I have noticed though is that by being grateful for things I seem to simply be happier. It just seems to be in my heart. I think the gratitude lives deep within me and feeds my soul. Every day I feel like the luckiest person alive ~ even if it is over something small.

    You my dear also make me happy! You are sunshine to me. A little text message from you brightens up my days always.


  14. I guess you know my answer... run
    It helps me chill ,it gives me a smile that comes from inside..

  15. Although it HURTS when the alarm goes off, my 5:15 "me time" is heaven. I do morning pages, read, do my Kelly Rae "Flying lessons" or work on some images in Photoshop...just so many choices! It's sad...when i get up at 7:00 or so on the weekend, I feel cheated out of that time..I need it for sanity.

    so that and my soy latte' every Friday with my hub at Starbucks.
    love you-

  16. good question my answer would have to be to wake up early and ALWAYS start my day with prayer. that sets the whole JOYFUL day. then if i can give someone else SERVICE...that brings me joy. talking with a GOOD friend during the day brings me joy and my children bring me joy (most of the time) too!

  17. Playing with the pup. Walking, especially if I walk on some sort of trail (the earth, not concrete or asphalt or ..).

    Love you!

  18. I loved reading all the answers! You always have the best questions! When im already happy, then i tend to be very thankful for my life and the goodness in it. And i tend to thank God often and that brings me even more happiness. That simple act of telling God how thankful I am makes me feel so loved by him. But if Im feeling down and blue then what I do to feel betterr is to exercise and to sweat for at least 1/2 hour. That seems to help get me back on track....oh and YOU always bring me happiness Love!


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