Monday, January 17, 2011

...a friend and some monday music

sometimes i feel like the luckiest girl in the world
with the women i am blessed enough
 to have in my my corner...
in my my tribe.

i met the beautifully brave amazing (funny) Patrice 
in October of 2010 at Brave Girl Camp.

Our first conversation
went something like this...
P:  "i know do i know look so familiar?" 
me: "i don't know, do you go here...could it be there...??"   
we quickly put two and two together on where 
we could have possibly seen one another before 
and sure enough... it was a quaint little store in 
Carpinteria that she recalls seeing me!  

we soon became fast friends and have spent time together at the beach and at her beautiful, coziest of cozy home.  
we talk nearly every day and she always 
seems to be there to make me laugh, 
give wonderful words of wisdom and 
simply hold the space for my 
fears, vulnerabilities, frustrations, etc....

without judgment.

she is an incredible mom, wife, friend, creative soul.  
she inspires me and is someone i aspire to be like.  
she makes the most amazingly sweet creations.....

which i am lucky enough to have a few...

her knitting prowess is unprecedented!!!  
go perch in her sweet little nest here and say hello!
and check out these cool little treasures
she just made...
(hopefully she will be selling some soon)

i am beyond grateful for the women in my life....

i learn from you always 
and i love you every day.

today's song....for my friends...
happy monday!!!


  1. This was so fun to read Kolleen. I feel so lucky too, for Patrice and for you!

  2. gota love james. i just visited patrice, love her blog! thanks for sharing sweets!

  3. I'm not sure where I'd be without my tribe of soul sistahs! I spent a week with some of my tribe and am so energized today :)

    Sweet post which made me smile and feel happy for you and all of your tribe mates!!

    Happy Monday, dahling...

  4. AHHHH! this post was like a GIANT hug. i love you both soooo much. how blessed we are all to have one another.
    (hope you feel better sweets. phone date soon!)

  5. Its awesome to have great friends like that:O) And I will def checkout her blog bc I so want to learn to Knit this year:O) Thanks for sharing and Happy Monday:O)

  6. Awww, so cute to see the 2 of you little friebs together!! And I agree - the women in our lives are such a powerful force, aren't they??

  7. Thats so rad.... love seeing you happy..Girls do that they make us happy you

  8. Okay.... I am the lucky one.... I've got a friend like you!!! I am so thankful for you dear beautiful inside and out friend..... Big smooch!

    Just asking ???? How did I get so blessed? just asking....

  9. very sweet friendship here...thanks for introducing me to yet another beautiful soul...

  10. so cute- she just looks sweet as can be :)


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