Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Say whaaaaaaaat wednesday???

something is in the air...i feel it.

things are being stirred up....
changes being made, 
feelings being expressed, walls breaking down,
tears falling free, kindness showing up, 
words being said at exactly the time 
they are needing to be heard, 
stories being shared, dreams taking shape,
stillness setting in.

so tell me,

what has been stirring 
your soul lately?



  1. you hit this one - b.u.l.l.s.e.y.e.

    the stirring in me is making me a little
    antsy, scared and trying so hard not to
    allow this to control me. i yearn to move.
    not as in bust a' move, but move to another
    land. higher ground. closer to the sun. the
    last week has left me a tad confused and
    bewildered. so i threw up in the universe.

  2. Great post:O) stirring my soul? So much, mostly making some changes in jobs but scared bc they are hard to come by, but my health comes first and happiness:O)

  3. I'm feeling it here too..must be something in the air! I hope you are seeing peace and solitude on the other side of these changes. I've been thinking about you so much this week!
    love you!

  4. Oh my, Kolleen, you hit this right on. I am completely stirred up these days, tears are flowing freely...I can feel the walls coming down and I so deeply want that.

    Your post shows me I'm so not alone. Thank you

  5. Hi sweet friend,
    I have been feeling like to many thing are pulling at me at the same time. I feel sad about that because for the most part I just wish I could do it all. I I am sure I can but the difference is doing it with a happy attitude or grumpy attitude. I think I need to let some stuff go .Its just hard to choose. I also need to start running again and I havent you G

  6. so many things have been stirring my soul lately, and in a good way. Inspiring women being kind to one another. Time spent with family. Good friends bringing a dream to life. Conversations with a new friend who totally gets me. Connecting with new people by sharing with them what moves me.

    I have an inner strength that I have not had before. I feel cracked open, but strong. It a good stirring for me.

    Sending you lots of love...xoxo

  7. LOTS has been stirring within me.
    LOTS.. most recently just the kindness I receive from the most unexpected of places...

  8. You are so right!

    I like to stop to remember that it seems as though everyone's got some turning upside down going on and shaking things up for the good, I think!

    Happy stirring!

  9. mmm...I just loved reading all the responses from people. How you've allowed everyone to just open right up and share their soul with a simple question. It's a good thing you have going here, Kolleen. :)


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