Saturday, April 24, 2010 can

(my little heartwingsister that tells us "yes you can"...3 simple words we so quickly can forget)

when you start hearing those little voices in your head....
those little gremlins as i like to call them....
simply remember this....YES YOU CAN!

and then go here and watch this absolutely inspiring
little snippet of positiveness.

happy saturday my friends.
sending love


  1. Oh, I love it!! Yes, we can!! Thank you for always being an inspiration!! Love, Silke

  2. Kolleen, let me try this one more time ;) I love your new Yes...You Can angel, she is inspiring :) Have a beautiful weekend! Besos, Rose

  3. i just love that message! exactly what i needed to hear. thank you! you are so inspiring :)

    xoxo, juliette

  4. ohhh.
    i LOVE kelly corrigan.
    i saw a reading from her about a year ago that
    she is wonDerful.
    i JUST bought her book "lift" this past week and was reading it tonight BEFORE i peeked on your blog.
    COOOL how that happens.
    i love your girl.
    i love your encouragement.
    i think, NO, I KNOW your family is blessed to have you (and scott) at the helm.
    love you girl.

  5. love your yes girl...her message, hair/head piece, yellow polka-dots & how the yellow ties into the heart (of course it sunshine does!). we do need this shared yes music.
    lovely humming across the states to your door! xox

  6. i blogged about that video too!! So, so great! I love her. And I love your painting! And so glad you enjoyed to free hugs video!!

  7. I know those gremlins {i've been calling mine munchkins, but that sounds kind of like little donuts to me, which is a bad-good thing}. Anyway, I'm going to try whispering those words to myself this week as I start a new project. . . "yes, I can . . yes, I can!" : )

  8. sigh....sometimes it's hard to really believe this is true, even when you try to tell it to yourself and even when others tell you that it's true. Ebbs and flows, I know, I know....

  9. Hi are you...!!!..ive been a blog slacker lately...just been swamped at work....Hope all is well with you and your family...and "yes I can"...whatever..I want...Thanks for the reminder...!!

  10. You are such a sweetie!! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!!

  11. Such a sweet painting! Thanks for the link to the video. I loved "Aw honey, who's lookin?" Funny.


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