Tuesday, April 6, 2010

....little tuesday thoughts

a new little heartwingsister painting holding a sentiment
i whole-heartedly believe in....
sometimes if we simply are quiet long enough....
we WILL hear those whispers....have faith!!

a birthday wish and many magical dreams
for year #38....working on my "HELLO 38 letter!!"

and an unexpected love note from my sweet little monkey....
this... quite simply made my day....
isn't it the little things??!!!

wishing you all loving magical thoughts on Tuesday....AND
if you want a good laugh go here
and check out the meeting of two blog friends!!!
this blog world is always surprising me!!!

sending love xoxoxo


  1. Oh, your blog always makes me so happy! Your art makes me happy! Your musings are always so right on!! I know you are going to have a most excellent year and can't wait to share it with you! Love, Silke

  2. Well.... first of all, your new little heartwing sister is just as precious as can be - I want to eat her up - and smart too. She carries a very wise message! And next, look at you blowing out the candles and making a big ole wish... so precious too! Really made me smile! And then there's the note from your little one - how cute is that??
    Oh, and let's not forget the precious vlog (I know, I know, I'm way over-using that word!)How cool that you guys met through blogging and now look at you - chatting like old friends!! You're both gorgeous and so cute too. I loved it!! Lotsa good stuff goin on, Ms. Kolleen!!! Love to you and yours!!!

  3. how true it is about listening to the whisper. sometimes it just is not so easy to do. to stop and slow down so that we can hear that voice. but that voice is usually the wisest of them all. thank you for reminding me of this kolleen. I need to stop for a moment and listen to that voice inside of me, to truly hear what it is saying.

    a piece of it is saying that we need a be present retreat reunion, and that NJ is calling your name to come for a visit ;)

    Missing you so much my dear. What is this Hello letter you speak of? You have me so intriuguied. Does it go hand in hand with your goodbye 37 letter? What an incredible idea to do for each birthday. You are just filled with so much beauty!

  4. here's to the number 38.....woo hoo!!! happy birthday!!
    your artwork is so sweet....and so very true!! :))

  5. listen for the whispers... i love this & embrace this message completely! such a dear painting! whispering xo.

  6. love that "listen"! one of my favorites! i feel like i need to slow down a little and do that this week. i am going crazy because i haven't done any "creating" in almost a week!!! thanks for once again inspiring me and making me smile!

  7. i love that you listen to your whispers and that you share them through your art and voice. you bring so much JOY to my heart sweet K.

  8. Lovely new artwork and beautiful sentiments. How wonderful that you were able to meet a bloggy friend. Fun, food and friendship! Again, happy belated birthday to you and many blessings, Tammy :)

  9. I am totally in love with this painting and absolutely adore that quote!!
    Here's hoping #38 brings you millions of reasons to smile. xx

  10. yes, so true. Listen for the whispers. I love this painting. And I LOVED your video. So, so cute. You two are gorgeous inside and out. And you don't look 38!! no way. oh yeah, the notE! makes my heart melt!

  11. dearest of dears! love your new painting, yes i do. i can't wait for you to open yourself up to an etsy store..when you are ready. i know you are conflicted, you have so much to share. think of it as a part-time job, manage your time and go for it when you are ready. you have so much to share with the world!
    so happy to have met you in person! can't wait for my next cali trip!

  12. Hi Kolleen! Happy belated! I hope you were spoiled silly by all your family and friends! I have to tell you that I am so honored that you and Kelly said hello to me in the video. Wow! That was so fun to watch. You both are just adorable and looks like you were meant to be friends forever. It really meant alot, so thank you so much for that!
    Aren't little love notes like the one you got from your little "monkey", the very best!
    Love and hugs to you girlfriend!
    Love, Kelly

  13. No way, you look 28 if that. I will be 49 this June(i am old) Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I am late.I saddle but ride the next day!LOL
    Come check out my first blog giveaway.
    Love ya,Debbie


i heart love notes....