Wednesday, April 14, 2010



so....i have to be of late i have been "feeling stuck"
....and this feeling is like a wave that comes over me, then washes away,
comes over me, washes away.....
it is a feeling i am not too fond of.
it is a feeling that creates anxiety within.

with that being said, this post and question are a
bit on the selfish side...
today, i want to know...

what do you do when you are "feeling stuck" to feel "unstuck"
especially when the trusty old ways aren't really working??

hope you are all having a wonderful week so far....
mine has been filled with ups and downs...ebbs and flows...
sending love! xxoo


  1. Hi Kolleen, don't you hate when that happens. That feeling that something should shift and it just won't.

    Over the years, I've sort of learned to trust that I will become unstuck again. It's happened before and I've never stayed in that place yet, so I know this time it will happen, too.

    Life is change and so this will change as well. I've learned to just take it easy, be really nice to myself, take my mind off of what I think needs to happen and be content in the moment. And as soon as I am able to see the perfection in my "now" and have made peace with it, usually it all changes and I'm unstuck.

    Does that make sense? For me it's all in my mind - thinking I need to be somewhere else than I am, doing something different from what I'm doing.

    I hope you are enjoying your week, even the ebbs and flows. Much love, Silke

  2. OK sister- Don't resist it....It may seem like your stuck, but that is where the growth happens...... Or you could always do the Costanza!!!!! :)

  3. i so get where you are at...i was there just a month i'm so busy i feel a bit of anxiety over the huge growth i feel coming!

    what i did was just play. do what makes you happy and create. not for anything or anyone, you will then create your authentic joy and from that you will find joy.

    i had all kinds of struggles with what i should do, once i just did what gave me bliss it all came together.

    i love you will find your way...soon!


  4. I start something new ..or pick a different thing that I haven't done in a while....Im learning to welcome when this comes now..I used to freak out and stress out..but now I try to get creative in a different way..!EnJoY yOuR DaY..!

  5. first of all it cracks me up that with your "feeling stuck" post comes Stuck in the Middle playing on your playlist...classic!

    When I am stuck, sometimes it just takes that one little thing to get me 'flowing' again (like finally picking out closet doors). Find one little thing that is weighing you down, take that weight of your shoulders and then go from there.

    Let's listen to our Eddie Vedder and Just Breathe! Imagine where you want to be, the way you want to feel, the things you desire, find the Kolleen that makes you smile and go get her!

  6. hello dear kolleen, one time i read that stuck is being somewhere other than where you are & somehow that's always "stuck" with me. love to you in all your places.

  7. Kolleen, as you know, I have been dealing with this issue too. Lucky me, I get to come here and read everyone's little bits of wisdom!! We learn so much from each other!! I do like the trusting idea. I feel that it's something that can't be forced. When the time is right, something will light a little spark of motivation in you, like happened with me in the fog. Then it will all come back and you will be itching to get back to work. The ebb and flow idea is perfect..... try to let go of the thinking - at times like this, it tends to lead in the wrong direction. I love that we can share this journey together!! XOXO

  8. That is the worst feeling! I try to think that when I am "stuck" I am just incubating ideas :) Being stuck is an important part of any process. Easy to say here but when I feel it, it just feels terrible! Sending you sweet wishes...

  9. You so described the STUCK feeling so well! Usually there is something that I SHOULD be doing that I don't want to do but know I must do before I can create. Break that project down into small increments that you can handle and only do 15 minutes toward that everyday until it's accomplished. And then the other thing I do is just open my journal and start throwing watercolor paint at it and make a piece of graffitti about getting stuck- a mad piece, a frustrated piece. Sometimes I play a game of tic/tac/paint with my husband (or you can do this with kids). You paint a stroke and then I'll paint a stroke until we get the whole page painted... until we're both pleased with the result.

  10. Oh, I know this. Not my most favorite place to be. I try to focus on self-care, doing little things that seem special, lots of Shiva Nata .. eventually I figure out why I'm stuck and what I need and can move through it.

  11. Just curious are you stuck in your art or stuck in your life? I have been feeling this myself from time to time. I agree it all passes. ups and downs. I wish I had a specific answer for you but just know it will pass. And there are others in the same boat.

  12. Kolleen where have I been when you are down? You are alway's there for me, sorry sweetie I have had one hell of a couple of week's but this too shall pass. I love you.
    Love ya,debbie


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