Friday, April 9, 2010

...friday forget-me-not

(my little heartwingsister inspired this week by all of my dear friends)

it seems like over and over again this week i am being reminded of how fortunate
and blessed i am to have such amazing friends around me...

friends that i can laugh at the silliest of things with.
friends that send me sweet emails of love and encouragement.
friends that send me birthday wishes with some of
theee sweetest messages written inside.

friends that will call and reach out in a time of need.
friends that visit me on my simple, silly little blog and take the time to
leave comments and advice and sweet sentiments that make me smile.

friends that i play phone tag with and when we connect it is blissful.
friends that are new in my life but feel like they have been in it forever.

friends that "lift me up".
don't forget all those beautiful souls around you that lift you up.
don't forget to thank them and...
don't forget to not only
be the lift-ee... but also the lift-er!!!

(to be honest....i think it feels so much better to be the lift-eR!!!)

sending love! xoxoxo


  1. I just love this little heartwing sister! And you are most definately a 'lift-er'. So thrilled to have you in my life:)

  2. wish i was snuggled up with you this very minute, dearest!
    hoping to have a 2nd chance at doing that, at the end of the month.
    love and hugs,

  3. ...and you could leave a surprise paper cone filled with flowers on their doorknob...I posted about it this week! Friends are priceless!

  4. You are a daily inspitation... thank you for your gift of loving all.
    Love ya,Debbie

  5. OOOps I meant a daily inspiration. I better go to bed.
    zlove ya,Deb

  6. Cute! Friends are so hard to find but when you do is a blessing!

  7. Oh yes, it's a wonderful thing... your sweet heartfelt reponse to my recent "funkiness" post brought tears to my eyes and still does, just thinking about it!! It's kind of scary posting about something that isn't all happy and upbeat, but it's part of life, a bigger part than most of us admit to. And we do it for exactly the reason you have expressed here - we all take our turn at being the "lift-ee" and that fuels our ability to be the "lift-er" when the tables are turned! Beautifully said, Ms. Kolleen, and beautifully depicted in your adorable little heartwingsister!! Love her and love you!!! XOXOXO

  8. How wonderful this is! It seems to me that you are one of those beautiful souls. So thank you!

  9. muah to my friend who is ALL that and more.
    hold tight to those "friends" you live with this weekend.
    wink. wink.
    oh how i love you!

  10. oh, how perfect that i came here to do just that! kolleen, thank you so very much for the birthday wishes! you are so sweet. it seems that we're birthday twins - i hope yours was simply splendid and that the year ahead is one filled with beauty, adventure, and happiness!

  11. Sending you love my dar Kolleen. What a beautiful post. YOU are an angel to me.

  12. & you lift me up too dear one!
    loving your heartwingsisters.

  13. You are such a beautiful soul; it is no wonder that you attract beautiful souls around you.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  14. It's always such a pleasure stopping by here! Yes, it's fun to be the "LIFT ER," but it sure feels nice sometimes (every time in my case) to be one of the "LIFTED," here at Heartwinged Sisters.

    Hope you had a great weekend. I spent most of it at the easel. Truth be known, my aching bones and muscles gave out on me from all the recent lawn work. Took a much needed rest in the studio now that most of my Spring gardening is behind me.

    Sure enjoyed popping by! I can now journey on with a smile on my face and a lifted heart.

    Blessings, Love and Monday Sunshine, Terri

  15. I know, right? This is such a sweet post. I love being a girl and having girlfriends. It is the best. xoxo to you :)

  16. I love this painting :) Hope you're having a lovely week so far.

  17. Kolleen-Yes, I was totally in a state of discovering my spirituality when I had that butterfly dream. And since then they have had a special meaning for me.


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