Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Thank you so much everyone for answering my question last week
about what we wanted to be when we grew answers!!!
AND for reading the interview where i was featured....
that was fun!!!!

so...i am coming upon my anniversary which made
me think of today's question....


(me overlooking the Amalfi Coast)
mine was Italy for so many reasons but probably
the most important is my heritage and also my husband's.
(and it IS where i said "i do" to my prince charming!!)

it was a dream come true trip....
one that created unending memories.
the beauty that is Italy cannot be fully captured in pictures,
it is something you have to see for yourself!!

next on my list...Nashville, TN and Austin, TX
together with Ireland!!


(painting i did inspired by looking out my front window)

i am hopeful many things are starting to bloom
all around you as spring is in full swing with
summer right around the corner!!

sending love


  1. I can't believe it's already Say What Wednesday! Italy . . how romantic that must have been--what a gorgeous picture! Right now I'm dreaming of New Orleans . . . I grew up relatively close to there but have never been. Probably I'm just cravin grits or something . . .

  2. Loving the painting honey. Soooo sorry i haven't dropped by in a while. Ooh love Italy too, but I think my dream destination which I have not been able to visit is Peru....I just love the photos, colors and mystic of the place...that I have seen in magazines and on the TV. I really feel like I'd feel at one with the earth be going there. :-) xxx

  3. What a great place to say I do...for me daughter 's been and just told me how I owuld love the land , the life and the love...besides I feel like a Greek person..Im Italian(yes very close) but I think I might have been mixed at birth or something...also Denmark is high on my list..after all its the happiest place on earth..Oprah did the show..!

  4. Greece, Austria, Italy, Southern France. Happy Aniversary!

  5. i always adore reading your blog. so much fun. and i must agree with you on italy. my husband proposed in florence and i would love to go back again and travel around a bit more along the coast.

    and i was totally thinking of you when i posted on my blog about staying organized with my little cart. just a plastic thing with drawers they have at target :)

    have a wonderful day!

  6. kolleen!! oh my sweet doll thank you so much for sending so much love and support my way. it means the world to me. i totally remember you saying that i was going to soar and i have been hearing it clear as a bell ever since. thank you for that! when i first heard you say it, i felt so not worthy but after i returned home and i kept hearing your beautiful voice over and over again in my head i finally thought i could take the next step.

    i adore this photo of you. you are absolutely STUNNING kolleen. beautiful! i remember you telling me that you got married in italy. what a dream!!! so glad you got to experience that.

    my dream destination was once napa valley....we visited there last may and had a great time! i would also love to travel to italy and take in all the art there...maybe spain one of these days..

    i love you, LOVE you.


  7. I love your say what wednesdays!

    My dream destination right now is South American, I've been dreaming about doing a trip to Peru!

    No real apparent reason actually - seen it in a travel magazine and fell in love with it.

    I like traveling off the beaten path, it allows more time to take in what you are seeing, and for self reflection!

  8. romantic! *sigh*
    My dream destination is Spain...not really sure why, but it is at the top of my "to do" list.

  9. Lovely!! My destination is also Italy!! I think I was born Italian in a previous life :D just because I love everything about that country, especially Tuscany!

  10. hmmm...italy is a dream destination for me too, but topping it is Australia, Latvia (where my family is from) and I really really would love a month or two to romp around california!

    sending love!

  11. Well, ever since we've had dogs and motorhomes, my husband doesn't want to leave the country. Don't get me wrong - there is tons to see and appreciate here, but I have been longing for a more distant destination -Tahiti, maybe? Or New Zealand? I trekked all over Europe with a backpack when I was 20 - saw a little of Greece and would absolutley LOVE to see more. Wednesday hugs to you!!

  12. Kolleen, I LOVE your painting! And my place would be Greece. I'd love to spend a whole summer there. My fav food. Italy would be nice too though:-)
    Miss you pretty lady. I'm swamped with orders and super happy about it!

  13. Kolleen you are SO beautiful and your blooming new painting does make me think of spring and feel grateful. I can't believe you got married in Italy! That is so fantastic. My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Italy and loved it beyond words. I really want to go to Portland and Austria. I love mountains!

  14. Happily, I have made it to many of mine. Except somehow my list seems endless. ;)

    Dream destinations would be Africa (safari)), Bhutan/Nepal (the festivals and the people and the beauty), Morocco (the exotic-ness of it and the markets), Antarctica (penguins and blue icebergs) and the Galapagos Islands (one of my dreams is to take a photo of this bird that has blue webbed feet, the blue-footed booby). Oh, and Greece for the history. And Egypt for the pyramids and sphinx and Nile. (Like I said, I have a very long list.)

    I had planned to visit the Galapagos this year but decided to postpone it due to the whole career change thing. :)

  15. Kolleen!

    Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes! I highly recommend suprising your sweetheart with a surprise weekend.;)
    Your wedding sounds like a fairy tale! I have always wanted to go to England and get my picture taken in front of a castle wearing a fabulous princess dress. I'm working on making it a reality. Thanks for being so open about sharing your art with us, it's beautiful!

    Love to you,

  16. Better late than never -
    For me, it is Italy and Napa Valley - of course when I am NOT pregnant :)

    Happy Anniversary.

  17. Stopping by from Kelly's. My oldest daughter lives in Nashville. Was just there about a week ago. You'd probably love it except it is pretty much under water now!


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